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Hunter Macro #1: Pet Attack

I’ve already done some posts on hunter mods (more of those to come) but macros can be just as handy for every-day play. My most spammed macro is incredibly simple:


All you have to do is have your target mob selected (or your pet will automatically attack the nearest mob) and then activate the macro. This one I put in the first slot on my right action bar and then set the hot key on that slot to a button on my mouse (this is one of those fancy mice with extra buttons on it).

It can be combined with other macro commands if you wish but I like to keep it separate for flexibility.

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  1. Drupadi
    Posted April 13, 2008 at 4:34 pm | Permalink

    another good one, at least for a drenai goes something like this

    #showtooltip Gift of the Naaru
    /cast [target=focus,help] Gift of the Naaru; [target=pet;exists] Gift of the Naaru; [target=player] Gift of the Naaru

    this one will cast Gift of the Naaru on your focus if you have one set, and it’s friendly, or your pet if you have it out, or yourself.

    I will set the focus to my tank in an instance just to help out a bit with the mana free heal once in a while. it also works well while soloing, drop Gift of the Naaru and mend pet at the same time for lots of healing. Coupled with a misdirect/intimidate it Helps out alot in those emergency offtanking situations as well. Pulls aggro off the healer pretty well.