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In which Kazimierz gripes about loot

I noticed something interesting and somewhat annoying—two things, in point of fact. Firstly, after talking to some of our resident feral druids, I noticed they had the same trend that us mail-wearers have to deal with: all the agility leather in raids is based off the the rogue t11 models, just as all agility mail is based off hunter t11. If you want to have offset pieces as feral or enhancement, you’re going to enjoy the tremendous clash of styles inherent in mixing tier sets. The odd water/murloc themed hunter tier armor clashes horrifically with the more subdued shaman kit, but as a dedicated agility addict, I’m going to be equipping them regardless, without even the stylish kittehform of a feral druid to hide in. Now, I know it probably can’t and won’t be changed (or else they’d have to double up for skin variety), but having the option to trade in pieces for identical, skin-swapped clones would be an amazing bit of consolation. Bah, ah well, at least that’s purely aesthetic.

The other gripe came to me as I was taking a gander at the loot lists for the raids we’re attempting. Virtually every class and spec can get a weapon from one of the first two or three bosses in Blackwing Descent or the Bastion of Twilight, except for one. Guess which one?

Go on, give it a try.

Yeah, you guessed it. Enhancement shamans are limited to trash drops from BWD with one exception…Nefarion.The freaking end boss is the only one who drops slow Agi one-handers that aren’t swords.

Given this, you can guess why I’m poor again. Do not weep for me, however: my DPS soars like the eagle with my shiny new purple axe. Weep instead for my gold, for it shivers small and cold and alone in the vast emptiness of my once-full coffers.


  1. Posted April 19, 2011 at 10:01 am | Permalink

    Our enhancement Shaman got lucky last week because the claws dropped off Magmaw trash. He was over the moon. Out GM (who plays a resto/enhance shaman) was jealous because he had to pay out the nose to get his.

    • Kazimierz
      Posted April 19, 2011 at 10:02 am | Permalink

      Oh, I’m praying for the claws to drop…only reason I could remotely afford Maimgor’s Bite was an unexpectedly lowball auction, heh.

  2. Posted April 21, 2011 at 1:21 pm | Permalink

    Yeah, this always drove me nuts back when I was playing enhancement. When I was first running Naxx, the early drop fist weapon never dropped for me….or any weapons really. This was when neikki was alliance, but i swear, no weapon ever dropped for her, I was in Naxx 25 gear for a lot of pieces, but for my weapons which were a green and a blue. Was very frustrating, though when I started playing her when Icecrown launched I finally got a lot of those things for her which rocked. But I totally get that frustration.