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Kazimierz raids casually, RPs, and levels a multi-server army of alts, but his orc shaman has been his solid main for a long, long time. He is currently Bloodriver’s “token orc” and is fond of the lore (retconned and spliced as it may be), loves questing, and can bang bits of texts together to make a credible story every now and then, WoW-based or not.

Storylines and Quests


This was inspired by a little conversation Niqora and I had regarding the role of storyline in WoW, especially with regard to questing in the world at large, and the role of the players in those quests. There seems to have been a decided change in design as expansions come out, and both tendencies I […]

In which Kazimierz gripes about loot


I noticed something interesting and somewhat annoying—two things, in point of fact. Firstly, after talking to some of our resident feral druids, I noticed they had the same trend that us mail-wearers have to deal with: all the agility leather in raids is based off the the rogue t11 models, just as all agility mail […]

Responsibilty and fun


Well, it’s been a long time since I wrote anything and I’m in a mulling sort of mood right now, so get comfy…Uncle Kazi’s going to be dropping a nice wall o’ text on all you fine people. A little bit of news to put things in context: Bloodriver has just made our first kills […]