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Category Archives: Design/Development

At least I’m not the only one


The Guild blog got hijacked by those spammers too. The issue seems to be old WordPress files that have been hanging around from previous versions and never got updated because…well, they’re not used any more. So if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog that has been updated from an older version, check your files. Wiping […]

Scum of the internet


So, I’m sure you’re all wondering what has happened to the Petoholics theme and where all the posts and pages disappeared to. The answer is pretty simple and yet surprisingly infuriating…spammers hacked my blog. Thankfully they didn’t upload any viruses or anything. Instead they seemed content with filling every page with spam links for “that […]

The moment hunters have been waiting for…


You have all waited very patiently for this, I know you have. So before everyone explodes from being pent-up, I proudly give you…drum roll please… The Pet-o-licious Namerator! You may be wondering why only 2 names appear at a time when PANDA has 10 at once. The reason? I have discovered that I’m good at […]