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Linkback: Totems 101 and Azerothian Diets


The other day, I offered my dear Kazimierz an opportunity to move his blog from Blogspot to a WordPress install that I would be the web host for. After seeing all the customization I do for Petoholics, he jumped at the chance, which lead to a fury of activity including getting him a new domain […]

Hear ye, hear ye! Looking for bloggers!


There I was, staring at my Google Reader. I was struck with a sudden, blinding flash of inspiration… “You really need to clean this %*@# up.” As I was purging old blogs, some of which had not been updated since last summer, I recalled that my blogroll here also needed a similar culling. I’m a […]

Linkback: Kazimierz’s blog – Totems and Technology


So apparently if I drop enough hints (if you consider saying outright “You need to start a blog” a hint), eventually Kazi will listen to me. Jokes aside, Kazi has several wonderfully written posts about his shaman’s early life, so for those of you who appreciates WoW roleplaying (including myself) or just a good story, […]