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On January 25, 2007, a new account was created for World of Warcraft. It was that day that I joined the millions of other subscribers who populated the servers. Since then, I have always had an active subscription. Today that changed. My account now says that the subscription is cancelled and will be expiring on […]

There is no “Faeldray” in “Community”


I know that I missed my last Machinima Monday. In my defense, I got an awful cold right after the wedding, spent the week working in the comfort of my home. This past Monday had been my first day back in the workplace, where I actually had to wake up early and couldn’t hang out […]

Name generators updated


Just wanted to leave a quick note to let everyone know that I finally got around to updating the PANDA WoW Name Generator (which now includes goblin and worgen names) and the Pet-o-licious Namerator (which now includes beetle, dog, fox, monkey, and shale spider names). My apologies for taking so long. You can imagine how […]