Cataclysm – Petoholics Anonymous Because you can never have too many pets Sat, 16 Nov 2013 15:57:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 1574202 Tauren followers of the Light revisited Thu, 27 Jan 2011 18:40:14 +0000 Far too many times I have heard the one comment or another essentially proclaiming that tauren paladins and/or priests are a perversion of WoW lore, or those characters are going against the tauren culture/religion.

Now I’ve talked about this before but for whatever reason, people still seem to clamor about it left and right. This irks me, a lot. Mostly likely because it seems to stem from resistance to change and misconceptions. So this is going to be my attempt to identify and dissolve these misconceptions once and for all.

1. WoW Religions are analogous to Real World Religions

Let me just lay it all out on the table first.

Shamanism in WoWShamanism in Real Life
Druidism in WoWDruidism in Real Life
Following the Light (paladins and priests)Christianity

Really, it’s as simple as that. For whatever reason, people appear to think that because there are a few similarities here and there, they must be equal to each other. If you don’t believe me, I highly recommend visiting each of those links and reading those words with your own eyes. What I will do though is point out some key differences.

Shamanism in Azeroth is the closest to the real world equivalent out of the three. While shamanism IRL varies greatly from culture to culture, the majority of the focus is on the spiritual aspect, not the elemental connection. Shamans were also spiritual leaders and healers, never fighters or warriors. In addition, only a select few cultures used totems at all.

Very little is known of the ancient druids of Great Britain but there is speculation of animal sacrifices, if not human ones. Such acts seem a far cry from the peaceful Cenarion druids that we all know, yes?

And last but not least, the assumption that the Light and Christianity are somehow equivalent is the one that always throws me the most. One of the key beliefs in all the Christian sects is that there is a single God. Yet the very first thing that is said on the Wowpedia article on the Light is:

The Light, referred to as the Holy Light by some cultures, is a non-theistic religious form of philosophy

Non-theistic. Which means:

The followers of the Holy Light do not worship any gods. Instead, it is a philosophy, training its followers to seek perfection within themselves.

There are no deities in the philosophy of the Light. None.

The article goes on to note that “most followers of the Holy Light do not worship any gods”, and from that comment we can certainly say that some followers do in fact worship some god. Like perhaps…the Earth Mother that the tauren so reverently honor.

This leads me to the second misconception I have found…

2. Following the Light is against tauren culture/religion OR tauren paladins/priests are rejecting their old culture

As stated above, the idea of the Light is a philosophy, a way of life. Perhaps to some it is kin to a religion but it is not equal to one. Just as a warrior or hunter has their own way of life, so does a paladin or priest. Tauren paladins and priest don’t give up their beliefs of the Earth Mother and ancestor worship for the Light, instead all of them are part of their lives.

The tauren culture has always included shamans and druids, two “walks of life” that rely on different principles. Yet they have been able to have both peacefully in their society for who knows how many decades. There is no conflict or strife between these two ideals. So why is it that people have such a hard time accepting that the tauren could accept a third way of life into their culture?

In The Shattering novel, there is a moment when Auduin Wrynn gives Baine Bloodhoof Fearbreaker, a mace that has some connection to the Light. Baine then goes on to talk about the sun An’she and how it could be analogous to the Light. The high chieftain of all tauren is certainly not abject to the idea.

Of all the races, taurens are the ones I would single out as the least likely to resist change. They have been able to have shamans and druids coexist peacefully together, and they have gone from being a collection of small nomadic tribes to a single society that comfortably settled in Mulgore. They have always prided themselves in being close to the earth and nature, and if there is a single thing they have learned is that there is always change. Seasons change, all life is born then dies to provide the substance to new life. None of their core beliefs have changed by letting followers of the Light into their ranks. There is no reason for them not to adapt to their new world, and so they embrace it fully, the Light included.

Players who sneer at tauren paladins and priests need to stop thinking like humans and put themselves in the shoes (or hooves) of a Shu’halo. Humans in the real world may wage wars over religions but the tauren are not human in the least. Perhaps we can all take a page from their book for once.

Any comments, questions, or ideas are always welcome!

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Back from the holidays Mon, 10 Jan 2011 20:03:30 +0000 While my vacation technically ended back on January 3, I’ve been terribly busy with this major work project, and my free time has been filled with playing WoW and what relaxation it can bring. But! Prior to that, I had quite the fun and relaxing holiday vacation.

As I mentioned before, Kazi flew all the way up to the Great White North to spend his holidays with me. He got to meet my family (which went rather well, there was minimum interrogation) and got his arse kicked at pool by my cousins. Although I didn’t get the chance to take him snowmobiling or sledding, both of which he had never done (such a Southern boy), we had a great time with my family overall and he did get to eat all the Ukrainian food he wanted. 🙂 For my birthday we went out for a movie and supper with my family, and for New Year’s we went down to Spar Games and played video games with the owner, the owner’s friend, and my brother until late into the night. Oh yes, and pigged out on way too much Chinese food. We probably shouldn’t have ordered 11 dishes for 5 people…in our defense, we were expecting more people to show.

For presents, Kazi bought me a new power supply for my computer, The Shattering and The Zombie Survival Guide books, and the only girly gift of some special hand lotion that I had just been too lazy to get myself. Geeky presents for a geeky girl, and I love him for it. 😀

The rest of the days were mostly spent relaxing: watching movies, playing Munchkin, eating out, those sort of things. We honestly barely touched WoW, as my computer is the only one that can run it reasonably well, which Kazi can attest to from attempted to heal a dungeon on my brother’s computer. It was really sad for him to have to go back home, but in the very least, he could use his own computer again, heh.

Where do I hit level 85? Of course in some musty old tomb surrounded by bugs...

So it’s only been in the past week or so that both of us have really returned to WoW. Niqora is of course level 85 now and through quite a bit of leatherworking/rep grinding and a handful of dungeons, she is geared enough for heroics and has completed a few now with Bloodriver. Her main spec may be BM but for dungeons, she’s usually found in Survival for the better traps and Wyvern Sting to help with CC. It’s become a standard now for her to Camouflage (as I announce over Mumble “I’m the predator, b*tches!”) and begin pulls with a Freezing Trap and a Wyvern Sting if needed. The Lock and Load proc from trapping has led me to plead to our tanks “Can I trap this one pleeeeeease?” Having said that, BM is not without its uses as for two boss fights, I’ve pulled out a tanking pet and have successfully offtanked some adds which have been particularly troublesome (I’m looking at you, High Prophet Barim).

I want to say this about Cata dungeons: I really do appreciate that skill and CC are extremely helpful if not required in a lot of them. It really shows who knows their class and plays them well. But dear lord, do they have to be so long? If I want to do a heroic with my guildies, it should not take us 4 HOURS like it did one night. Most of the dungeons take us at least 1 hour, usually 2 or 3 depending on the difficulty. I want to run dungeons but I don’t want to spend a single evening on just one. I believe that’s what’s led me to feeling a little burnt out already on them. Me, who would run Wrath heroics all day for several days in a row.

Another thing that I’ve been grumbling about and I’m sure every leatherworker is doing the same is the distinct lack of good places to farm leather. Unfortunately there is no equivalent of Sholozar Basin in Cata. The best I’ve been able to find is the Cradle of the Ancients in Uldum, at least after they nerfed the stone bats in Deepholm and the tigers in the Lost City.

Between farming leather, dungeons, and questing with Kazi the rest of the time, I am honestly feeling a little burnt out on Niqo at the moment. I’m sure it doesn’t help that all this work was to make sure Niqo was raid ready, only to hear that half of our raid time will be absent for one reason or another and so it might be a while before we actually raid. I understand the reasons behind all these breaks but it leaves me a little crestfallen, you know?

So as such, it looks like Niqo will be moving at a slower pace now, leaving more time for alts that have been poorly neglected. I’ve also had an odd hankering for some RP lately, something I haven’t really felt strongly since Bloodriver began raiding in earnest in Wrath. Like a guildie pointed out, it was probably because raiding just took up so much time and effort. So now I’ll just have to try and shift my focus a little off raiding until we can get everyone back in, and onto RP and alts. Not that I can really complain about something like that. 😉

With any luck, in a couple days you’ll see Kazi post a new RP story I know he’s been working on. From what I’ve seen, it’ll turn out to be another excellent piece from him. 😉 I’ll try to keep things more up-to-date here (as I always loosely promise with no real changes :P) and if I can find the time, I’m going to try and wrap my head about the events of The Shattering and find Niqo’s and Saraku’s place within it.

Until next time, happy hunting, folks!

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The world literally falling apart can keep you busy Tue, 14 Dec 2010 20:33:37 +0000 I realize it’s been getting close to a month now since you heard from me and I can assure you I’m doing rather well. Doing better than just well actually. I’ve been keeping busy at work with a major project that’s actually quite interesting (albeit frustrating at times) and when I haven’t been dissecting and piecing together code into something resembling a coherent website, I’ve been playing lots and lots of WoW as you can imagine.

As of the Shattering, Kazi and I took full advantage of the new race/class combinations and rolled a bunch of alts. I now have a new tauren priest (who ICly is Anuniaq 2.0) who is being protected by Kazi’s new tauren prot paladin. I kind of scoffed originally at the tauren pallies’ racial mounts but I find now that they’re growing on me more, the level 20 ones more so than the level 40 ones. After some half-hearted grumbling, Kazi convinced me to try out smite healing on my disco priest and I have to say…I thought healing was interesting before, smite healing makes it even more fun! And more amusingly, I’m often 2nd or 3rd on the DPS meters thanks to heirlooms and spam-smiting. 😉

I also rolled a troll rogue (after a failed troll druid who only made it to level 5) to go with Kazi’s orc mage, only to decide I want an orc warrior instead to instance tank. So the group then evolved into my warrior, Kazi’s mage, and one of our friends who we managed to convince to finally make an alt,  so he created a troll priest to heal our sorry arses.

Saraku has joined the ranks of holycows as I switched his race to tauren. There will be some RP stories to come about all of that once I go out and buy The Shattering novel and figure out what the hell happened in the year (or is it 3 years?) since the Cataclysm actually happened. I really do wish they hadn’t glossed over all of it in-game. I feel like I’ve missed whole sections of my characters’ lives, especially Niqora’s.

Once Cataclysm actually came out, I was saddened to find out that my Collector’s Edition preorder was shipped on December 7, instead of arriving on the 7th. Despite me protesting that I’d be fine without it for a couple days, Kazi bought me the digital version and I was able to play that night because of him. What a sweetheart. <3

The first thing I did was buy old world flying and archaeology so I could begin my digging frenzy. Because of Kazi’s work hours, we weren’t able to play until the weekend and we had decided beforehand to quest together on Niqora and Kazimierz. So we spent the work week leapfrogging each other in experience through archaeology/mining/cooking and fishing dailies until the weekend. Then…we quested our hearts out together. 😉

So far we’re just shy of level 84 and have made our way through all of Vash’jir and the majority of Deepholm. The quality of the quests have just floored us and the scenery is completely and utterly amazing. Getting a free seahorse mount is epic. Being able to play as a naga both made us wish that nagas were a playable race. >.> And the cut-scenes in some of the quests are a fantastic idea! Both the zones have just been…wow. And I am eagerly looking forward to seeing the other three. All of our alts will likely be put on the backburner until we’ve at least gotten to level 85.

As a guild, we’ve managed to max out Bloodriver’s leveling every day so far, and we’re not by any means a large guild. Quite a few people are already at level 85, so Kazi and I are hoping to catch up with everyone this weekend and start running dungeons with them to gear up. I’m also really excited to start raiding come January, as we’ll be splitting our raids into casual raids that are open to everyone like before, and progression raids that are made of select members who have proven their skills and who will tackle current content. I am definitely ready to wipe over and over again in the name of progression. 😉

There’s a debate currently going on over which loot system we should use for our progression raids. We’ve been using Suicide Kings in the past and I’ve seen very little complaints about it. However, DKP has been suggested for the progression team and it’s been met by some backlash. It seems that half the members have never been in a raid that used it and the other half that has thinks it’s a horrible idea. I personally have never seen it in use so I’d gladly welcome any comments about DKP here.

As I only plan to get even more preoccupied as the month wears on (including Kazi coming to spend Christmas/my birthday with me! GLEE!), I wouldn’t expect too many updates here. There’s just too much to do and so many things to see right now!

Home Tue, 23 Nov 2010 21:12:11 +0000

This is my home.

This was not where I was born, or where I live now.

Here is where I grew from a child to a woman.

Where I honed my skills as a hunter and befriended my first beast.

Where I learnt what it meant to be a warrior for my tribe, a protector.

I  have splashed around with my younger sister on a hot day, wearing no more than leather breech clothes and chest bands.

I have rough-housed with other hunter’s beasts, my fur becoming as dun-coloured as the earth beneath us.

I have napped in the shade of a thorntree, my father snoring softly with my mother curled up at his side.

I have spilled blood here, that of my own, my enemies, and my kills.

This land has seen my joy, my sorrow, my fury, my excitement.

This is the land I hold close to my heart.

It enraptures me, ensnares me, refuses to let me truly go.

Wherever I may wander, here is where I always find myself.

I can feel its rhythm from hoof to horn tip, creeping through my blood.

The center of the Earth Mother is in this place for me.

Now the ground shakes with violence, rousing me from my rest in Thunder Bluff.

I cannot explain to my parents why I must go, nor can I to my son Tuyok.

I trust that they understand nonetheless.

But for all my sharp eyes and sensitive ears, I cannot find the source, only the effects.

I think I shall rest here for the night, and hope that tomorrow will make things clearer…

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Patch 4.0.1 Resources and Impressions Wed, 13 Oct 2010 19:44:23 +0000 Right off the bat, I’m going to give you a bunch of fantastic posts written by Jaded Alt and Revive & Rejuvenate that will help make sense of the chaos that is the latest patch.

Now, do yourself a favor and read those over before logging in. Because otherwise you might be like me and panic a little.

I knew a lot was going to change. Of course it’s not until it’s right in front of my face that I realize just how much. Did I mention that I don’t generally like change?

If you do log onto your hunter and are completely overwhelmed, do this:

  1. Visit a trainer immediately and learn everything available to you. (It helps if you visit the right city too.)
  2. Then you can visit the stable master and fix your pet setup. (I had a spirit beast as one of my active pets despite being untalented, and Blacky was in the inactive pets.)
  3. If you used a macro to call out your pet, this has now changed. The command is now “/cast Call Pet 1” (or 2 or 3 or 4). So put your favorite pet in the first slot and call him/her.
  4. Read the tooltips for all your abilities and place the useful ones (for you) on your bars.
  5. Work on setting up your talents. You can use one of the hunter guides listed under the class guides link, or use this BM spec or this MM spec as a general guideline.
  6. Visit a target dummy (if you can find one that’s free) and go to town on it.

Of course when I first logged on, my brain went in about a million directions as to things I needed to do so I was just standing there paralyzed with choice for a little while. Don’t be like me.

Random thoughts I had over the duration of the evening

  • Oh god, my UI has exploded.
  • Where did all my macros go? Oh, they just removed them from the bars. Now I can’t remember where they all went.
  • Where are all my abilities? Oh god, they removed that many of them?
  • Oh god, Dalaran hurts my framerates.
  • Oooooh, water is very shiny.
  • Where’s my pet? WHERE DID YOU PUT BLACKY?!
  • Oh, she’s in the stables.
  • What are these new spells?
  • Did the ground just shake? O.o
  • Why do half of my macros not work? Dear lord I have a lot of macros.
  • God, half my addons don’t work and my screen looks like it threw up on itself.
  • Note to self: WoW likes to crash or not log me in if I activate too many addons, especially ones that are deemed “out-of-date”.
  • Oh, is THAT what the default UI looks like again?
  • OOOooooo, shiny water.
  • Talents aren’t terribly bad to figure out but I still feel a little lost.
  • I feel REALLY lost when it comes to my rotation/shot priority. *mashes buttons*
  • The ground shook again. I wonder if there’s anything else going on elsewhere…
  • I’m utterly confused by this new glyph interface. And I feel naked missing some glyphs.
  • *jumps over to scribe* I think I know them all? At least I hope so. How would I learn more?
  • Bah, I forgot to make majors. Ah well, none of them are particularly useful outside of the Bestial Wrath one.
  • Back to searching for a target dummy. But hey, at least I’m in Thunderbluff  and not Orgrimmar.
  • WAIT! I need to go tame some pets! Woohoo for gigantic stables!
  • And I curiously have no clue what I really want to tame. Let’s start off with a ghost sabre!

Unfortunately I had to work today so I couldn’t stay up for any more experimentation/go on a taming spree. I have however been scouting out new UI layouts (since my old one is apparently broken and discontinued anyways) so I’ll be working on that tonight. Hopefully more on that in a couple of days.

In the meanwhile, I hope you all are having luck installing the patch and getting into the game to check everything out. Just remember: Don’t Panic and carry a towel!

(Yes, I am a huge geek.)

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Name generators are getting ready for Cataclysm Thu, 30 Sep 2010 17:56:09 +0000 Obey the kitteh. Otherwise the quest he gives will be to NOM YOU!

Obey the kitteh. Otherwise the quest he gives will be to NOM YOU!

Alert the press!

With Cataclysm looming in the distance and set to arrive in the next couple months (depending on who you ask), I finally got off my lazy butt and fixed up the name suggestion forms for my name generators.

So you can now submit your ideas for worgen and goblin names to the PANDA WoW Name Generator.

Similarly, all of my fellow petoholics can suggest names for the new pet families (dogs, foxes, monkeys) to be added to the Pet-o-licious Namerator.

Visitors who are familiar with the old form will see that it’s changed a bit, simply because it makes it a helluva lot easier for me to add new names this way.

So spread the word and suggest your own names. Or Twitch on the right there will eat you. (You think I’m joking, but can you honestly look at that feral cat expression and say that he doesn’t look like he wants you for a midnight snack?)

Living in the moment Thu, 16 Sep 2010 18:08:18 +0000 I’ve seen a lot of bloggers reminiscing these days, about WotLK, about TBC, about Vanilla WoW and all sorts of other things. Others have been looking towards the future that is Cataclysm, with thoughts and opinions that range all over the map. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to look back on my own memories and how things were. And I’m excited/nervous for Cataclysm just like everyone else. But right now, I’m happy with the game at this exact moment.

Being a TBC baby, I’m certain that I see things differently than those who have been around since Vanilla, or those who only started playing in WotLK. If I wanted to wave my old lady cane around, I could talk about the times when us hunters didn’t have Aspect of the Viper as we leveled. Or how paladins would have to reapply their blessings every 10 seconds because they’d lose them whenever they used a judgement. Or how about even much more recently, in the time before they nerfed Halls of Reflection, when me tanking on Saraku and Kazi healing were one of the few tank/healer combos that could actually get past the first two bosses on heroic? /flex

Does this mean that I grumble about how they’ve made things easier for all of those newbies that have since joined the game. Of course not, because what right do I have to steal their fun away? If they had kept paladins the same, I probably would have never rolled Saraku. In fact, I did roll a blood elf paladin back in TBC and abandoned her at level 14 when I grew sick of having to rebuff myself after every judgement. Why shouldn’t hunters get Aspect of the Viper early on when they’re just going to have to learn how to use it down the road? And thank god they made HoR easier because it took weeks before I was able to bring Niqo in there; we just couldn’t find other tanks/healers that could do it.

Dungeons Galore

The LFD system also seems to have people reminiscing about the good old days, where it took you time to get a group together and you bonded during the whole experience, wipes and all. I remember those times a lot differently. I remember being terrified to go into a dungeon because I was worried that I’d make some huge mistake and everyone would be mad at me. I would be scorned as “that huntard” for accidentally pulling a pack of mobs. So I never really grouped with anyone. Before Niqo reached level 70 in TBC, she had maybe been to 3 dungeons in her entire career. And I’m fairly certain that for at least two of those, I had to be persuaded by my friends. Even once at level 70, I believe I stepped into another 3 dungeons at the requests of my guildmates in Bloodriver.

It wasn’t until WotLK came out and I felt well-protected by Bloodriver that I began to venture more into dungeons. I despised pugs back then, almost only running instances with an all-guild group. I remember there being a core of us 5 officers tentatively toeing our way into heroics in our quest greens and blues. We eventually got our piece-mail epics, almost none of them tier gear until we started raiding Naxx about the time Ulduar came out. I recall guild members scheduling “badge runs” where they would spend all day running as many heroics as they could (because of flight times back then).

Then the LFD system came out and with it the opportunity to run dungeons faster, thereby acquiring badges faster. Kazi and I paired up and threw ourselves into random after random. Our Naxx gear was replaced with tier 9 in a matter of about 3 days. Strangely enough, these randoms were the beginning of my confidence boost. I was having to play with people I didn’t even know and…I wasn’t screwing up. The strategies for each dungeon were becoming second nature by now; I could actually make my own way through them without getting hopelessly lost. And for half of them, I wasn’t some faceless DPS in the back, I was the freaking tank! I, who would have huddled in a corner and cries if someone asked me to run a dungeon two years before, was now leading a group of complete strangers through a dungeon and deftly keeping the attention of packs of mobs on myself so the rest of the group lived. You have no idea how much of a change this has been for me.

Now I find myself being more drawn to the LFD system than ever. I have two characters, a warrior tank and a disc priest, who I am leveling up solely through random dungeons. You may think that I’m completely nuts but I am now getting to see all the dungeons I missed, either by being right there in the middle of all the chaos or standing back and observing the quirks of different mobs and bosses as I toss my bubbles around. When the rest of the group is silent, I can take the opportunity to note the music and the beauty of the surroundings. And when they are chatting, I have the chance to joke around with them and meet some interesting people. If there’s someone I don’t like and never want to group with again, it’s a simple matter of putting them on ignore and not giving them a second thought. There is no requirement to be nice to an arsehole simply because they’re on the same server as me and I don’t want to accidentally piss the wrong person off.

Quite a few bloggers have also been dismayed at the fast pace of the dungeons. Me, I revel in it. If I wanted to do something slower, I’d casually quest or go herb picking. A quick dungeon is more exciting to me and provides a little bit of variety. Will I get Zul’Farrak this time, which is quickly turning into one of my favorite instances? Or will it be another Maraudon where those damn oozes will burst my priesty bubbles in a matter of seconds? The speed always keeps me on my toes and teaches me to actually use more of my cooldowns. Yet it doesn’t have the randomness and utter chaos of PvP so I can take a second or two to plan ahead for the next pack of trash mobs. And those particular mobs will always operate the same way so I can hold their strategies in my head for the next time. I’m also better able at gauging the limit of the tank or healer that I’m with, and what classes need breaks for mana here or a little extra help on a particular boss there.

All in all, I think that the LFD system has made me a better player. It’s given me the opportunity to expand my horizons. Before I would only play hunters because they were some of the best at questing solo and that’s what I mostly did. But now I can try out different tanking and healer classes and by queuing for randoms over and over again, I actually am able to practice and learn that particular role. So say what you want about it (and I won’t deny that it could stand to use some improvements) but I am one person that’s enjoying the LFD system as it is. 🙂

How they were and are and could be

Years back, I was going to be heading off to a camp for a couple weeks in the summer and my mom asked me what I thought it would be like and if I was excited to go. I simply looked at her and said “I’m not assuming anything about it, I’m just going to see if I like it or not when it happens.” This may seem a little unemotional and cold but I keep trying to view things that way. Like I said before, I’m perfectly content with the way WoW is now. And I was perfectly content with it back in TBC too. Things change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst, but I make my best attempt to just go with it. With all these changes happening in Cata, I’m perfectly fine with just waiting to see how they turn out. I’m sure I’ll like some and hate others. I’ll adapt to them as I did before, or I’ll join the other bloggers who talk about the good old days…or maybe I’ll even quit WoW and move onto something else. Change is simply change, folks, whether it’s good or bad is a matter of opinion. I personally am going to keep on trucking until Cata hits and a whole new world of opportunities opens to us. I have too many things I want to do now that there’s barely any room to think of Cata stuff!

And when that time comes, when Azeroth as we know it is torn asunder…I’ll just be living in that moment instead.

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Blarg Wed, 19 May 2010 20:08:26 +0000 Yes, Blarg. That’s about how I’ve been feeling about WoW lately. Maybe it was a combination of things. Anuniaq hit the big 8-0, meaning that I now have 4 80s, 2 of which are hunters…as well as female taurens. I have no plans for Anu, she’ll pretty much be an RP and a sometimes I-feel-like-playing-this character. It’s scary that she hasn’t done a single heroic and is already pulled 1700+ dps as a beastmaster. I’ve seen dps in randoms who do much less.

I also feel like I’ve done it all. All of the starter areas have been done several times, and I’ve seen all of the areas on at least 2 characters. Raiding has even lost its appeal as we keep trying to progress in Ulduar (aka seeing the same 4 bosses over and over again to get to the one we really want, only to spend an hour on him before needing to head off to bed). I like Ulduar, I really do. But I wish it was split up into several wings, each with its own lockout. We just don’t have the time to kill the same 4 bosses every night and still attempt at progressing. And don’t even talk about ICC…we can only get down Marrowgar. It doesn’t help that we’ve lost 3 of our members to an upcoming move so our attendance is low to begin with. So yeah…I haven’t even felt compelled to log in for that.

Then there’s Cataclysm coming. I’m excited for a lot of the new features they’re going to implement, including the redesigned leveling zones. Alts have been my normal time-killing activity but what’s the point when the content is going to change soon? It also doesn’t help that my home server is completely full, including slots saved for Cata characters. I’m always reluctant to delete a character and I don’t think I could ever delete an 80.

I’ve also been putting a lot of work into web hosting and designing lately (there’s more about that on my non-WoW blog), as well as making the completely new Bloodriver site. My renewed interest in this has also left me feeling a little blah about WoW.

So all of this resulted in Kazi and I not really touching WoW at all for a couple days. We watching some Mystery Science Theater and played some other games. Warcraft 3 proved to be cool but I can only play the same RTS for so long. We could not for the life of us get Age of Mythology to connect using GameRanger so that was quickly abandoned. Dungeon Siege 2 was going great until two crashes left my character far behind Kazi’s (WTB autosaves) and combined with the frustration of high level mobs in the worst places, it’s been pushed to the side. We started playing Neverwinter Nights together, which Kazi has never played and I’ve always enjoyed playing. The pace is a little slower than what we’re used to but hey, at least it has a great story line and autosaves!

I think we’re slowly starting to get back into things now. With the upcoming announcement of Real ID being implemented with the next patch, we saw an opportunity…the chance to play more not just cross-faction but also cross-realm while still being able to stay in contact with our friends. This is just about as good as more character slots per server would be. So in a sort of impromptu preparation for that…we rolled a couple of Alliance on the Farstriders server. We chose Farstriders because a) it’s an RP realm and we like those and b) that’s where Fhionn is located and guess who had enough money to buy us bags?

Well, at least buy bags for Kazi’s dwarf paladin. I, on the other hand, rolled a death knight, a class I hadn’t touched since I had my troll DK Githinji commit suicide. And because I wanted to boost their numbers…I made her a female dwarf. I think this character will last longer than poor depressed Githinji. I was already joking about calling her undead mount Sparkles or Rainbow, and how my corehound minipet was feasting on the bones of my enemies. I’m still fleshing out her character concept but I think it’s safe to say that she will not be the depressed sort. 😉

However, if you don’t see me post for a while, that’s probably because Kazi and I are kicking it in another game or watching some movies or something.

But if you already think that this blog has some sort of time schedule, you are sorely mistaken, dear readers. 😉

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Everyone’s a hero in their own way Tue, 06 Apr 2010 19:34:32 +0000 I’ve decided that every time I can’t think of a title for a post, I’ll just use lyrics from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Yes, I love it that much, which is saying a lot from a girl who generally despises musicals.

Anyways, the reason I couldn’t think of a title is because this is an update on all my characters and stuff. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet so I don’t bore you all. 😉

My troll shaman Zulrea hit level 80 oh…a couple months ago now. >.>Yes, I’m that bad at making these updates. Regardless, this makes her third level 80 and although she’s fun to play, I haven’t been gearing her as aggressively as I did Niqo and Saraku. I blame it on heroics burnout. But I did get her the Noble title and completed all of the other Noblegarden achievements in 2 days. Not bad for a casual. I enjoy healing on her the most so the couple of T9 pieces I have been getting her have been for that spec. Her elemental set…languishes greatly.

Raiding recently has been awesome for Niqora. The other weekend Bloodriver took on OS, EoE, and Onyxia all in one night and didn’t have too much trouble smashing them all into the ground. Malygos and Onyxia had given us problems before so they took a few tries. Niqo can now proudly boast her Champion of the Frozen Wastes title.

Then last weekend we entered TotC-10…and completed the entire dungeon in a single night. I personally had never seen beyond the spiky worm beasts and apparently the furthest some of them had gotten before were the Faction Champs. So it was quite a thrill to make it through all of it in the first night, even if we had wipes. We just bulldozed through it like we always do. As my guildmate Cedd commented to me: “Bloodriver: we hit our heads against the wall until we make a hole.” We are tenacious if nothing else.

Yesterday I got it into my head that I wanted Ashen Verdict rep with Saraku so he could make Niqo the epic arrows she’s come to love. It was surprisingly easy to get enough people to come with me for trash runs. We had to switch out people a couple times (RL comes first after all) but we killed enough trash so that people who had been there since the beginning went from completely neutral to friendly by the end. They all seemed pretty happy to get their rings, happy enough to even want to come back tonight for some more.

Niqora’s little sis Anuniaq is now level 60 and in the Outlands, having been reunited with her childhood friend Halruum (Kazi’s tauren warrior).  She’s been sitting at level 40-ish for a long time and it’s good to get to level a hunter again (but oh how I missed Steadyshot).

Tuyok the warrior, and Niqora’s adopted son, has gone from fury to prot since I discovered that I liked tanking with him the best. Figuring out how to stance-dance was a huge factor in making that decision. >.> He’s in his early 30s now and has made friends with a Forsaken priest called Ghislan (Kazi has discovered a love for discipline priests). Together they make quite the odd couple…a frail-looking undead man next to a hulking tauren bull.

You’ve already seen Aroqin the night elf druid featured here in some RP sessions that Kazi and I have been having. She’s also in her early 30s and she is happily bounding about as a kitty. As happily as a grumpy sarcastic elf can be that is. I’ve discovered that I also like tanking with her on the side (kitty is her first love, bear comes second). Apparently I’m fairly good at it, if the pug person who told me that I’m the best low level tank he’s ever seen is any indication.

I really have developed this gravitation to tanking, haven’t I? >.>

In all of these, some characters have gotten deleted, namely my bank character Valraen who never got past level 10 and my draenei hunter Brighit who I never could find the perfect pet for. In my defense for deleting Brighit, I intend to have at least a goblin hunter once Cataclysm comes out, possibly a worgen depending on what forms the worgen druids will get. A hunter for a hunter is okay, right? >.> I swear I’m still a petoholic!

And last but not least, a shameless plug for my guild. Bloodriver on Wyrmrest Accord-H is now recruiting. We invite anyone of any level or class who wants to join our wonderful family. We do light roleplaying, raid casually, play lots and lots of alts, run random heroics, and hang out in guild chat. Sometimes we even break out into song on vent.

For you Alliance folks, our sister guild Obsidian Phoenix is also growing and is a military style light-medium RP guild who is focused on the whisperings of the coming Cataclysm, ignoring the petty squabbles between the Alliance and the Horde. Players who don’t roleplay are also welcome. And check out the cool website that I’m making for them.

If you’re interested or want to ask questions, just comment on this post or find me on any one of my characters on Wyrmrest (they are listed on My Characters page).

Edit: I forgot to mention that I managed to sell my Battered Hilt for a nice chunk of gold. Here’s to endless possibilities!

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Lame update title because I can’t think of anything funny Tue, 02 Feb 2010 21:37:14 +0000 My updates have been a little…lacking, so here’s a summary of all the things that have been happening.

On Saturday, we had our memorial for Vinny. Over 25 people showed up at the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior in the Barrens and we spent a couple hours recounting stories about him and giving a “KungalooooOOOOooooOOOooosh” salute. It was very nice.

My shammy Zulrea is level 78 as we speak, as well as Kazi’s warlock Basia. A destruction warlock and an elemental shaman are a scary combination. We keep lamenting about how we can only get 2 spells off each before a mob dies. >.> On that note, having Lava Burst always crit is awesome. 🙂 Also, she dropped skinning and took up inscription…partially because I wanted a scribe and partially because Basia is a tailor/enchanter. So Kazi gets all my weapon/armor vellums. 🙂

Saraku is finally exalted with Netherwing (with much help provided by Kazi searching for eggs). So now he can transform back to his original drake form in character. Still working on Crusader dailies with him but not with much enthusiasm. He also has his complete T9 tanking set. I started getting his T9 healing set together but then I found out that I like healing on Zulrea better anyways.

Niqo has 4 pieces of T9, the Orca-Hunter’s Harpoon, the Felglacier Bolter, the Pauldrons of the Devourer,  the Crusader’s Dragonscale Bracers (a Christmas gift from Kazi), and the Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape. In short…she looks like just about every other hunter who’s done a ton of randoms. 😛 I’m quite satisfied about my 3.7-4k dps with a BM spec in heroics, with it spiking on the bosses when I pop my cooldowns and trinkets. Also, the redesigned Misdirect + Volley is sooooo nice. It really helped tanks in H-HoR before they nerfed the damage. Oh, and she got her “the Patient” title which is quite suitable for her RP-wise.

I rolled a fury warrior called Tuyok who now is level 25 and has 4 pieces of heirloom gear equipped. In character, he is Mysthowl’s and Niqora’s adoptive teenage son and his full first name is Issorartuyok. Try saying that five times fast. 😉 It’s the Inuit word for “leader dog”. He’s pretty much the character that I play solo when I’m not doing something with the people of BR.

Kazi and I have been talking about what characters we’re going to roll when Cataclysm comes out. I’m going to roll a worgen druid to be paired with his worgen hunter (with a wolf pet of course!) and a goblin hunter with his goblin priest/mage. We decided to reserve our names and because my 10 character slots on Wyrmrest Accord where already taken…I needed to clear up two spots. The first one to go was Fawnel, my tauren druid who wasn’t getting played anyway. My hope is that the worgen will have some sort of wolf-like cat form which will help me enjoy playing a druid more. Choosing the second character to delete was tough but I finally settled on Brighit, my draenei hunter. I play her even less than Fawnel and once I do start playing a little bit on Alliance side with the expansion, my focus is going to be solely on my druid. So it was hard to let her go but at least I’ll be making a goblin hunter, right? Right? >.> I’m currently debating between a raptor or a bear for her. I do love raptors and they have similar personalities to goblins. On the other hand, a giant bear with tons of explosives strapped to it does make a rather intimidating and funny image. Have I mentioned that the goblin is going to be half out of her mind?

Bloodriver as a guild is working on making our way through Ulduar and we’ve dipped our toes in TotC and Onyxia. We’ve come up to Freya on our last Ulduar run and we haven’t tried to get Ony down again since 3.3.0 came out. So I think that next time we go in there, we’ll be able to take her down. We also have a sister guild on Alliance side called Obsidian Phoenix that is slowly filling up with people who have Ally characters. That’s where our worgens will find their home. 😉

And last but not least…I got a Logitech G11 keyboard. The blue LED lights are so very pretty and shiny. Plus the macro keys have given me a noticeable improvement in Niqo’s dps. I’d be completely pleased with it if the keys didn’t seem to randomly stop working when I switch characters (I blame the program, not the keyboard itself).

Patch 3.3.2 is all loaded up and I’m eager to get home for work and see what new things await for me. I heard there’s been a buff for elemental shamans. 😉

Now hopefully my next update will come before Cataclysm is released. >.>

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