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The world literally falling apart can keep you busy


I realize it’s been getting close to a month now since you heard from me and I can assure you I’m doing rather well. Doing better than just well actually. I’ve been keeping busy at work with a major project that’s actually quite interesting (albeit frustrating at times) and when I haven’t been dissecting and […]



This is my home. This was not where I was born, or where I live now. Here is where I grew from a child to a woman. Where I honed my skills as a hunter and befriended my first beast. Where I learnt what it meant to be a warrior for my tribe, a protector. […]

Patch 4.01 Tips and Tricks


Rename your frost mage’s water elemental The coolest tip I’ve found so far gets to goes first. Simply type this into your chat window: /run PetRename(“name goes here“) via Revive and Rejuvenate and Grimmtooth Fix disappearing nameplates Try these different commands until the right combination fixes it for you. Just using the first one seems […]