Guides – Petoholics Anonymous Because you can never have too many pets Sat, 16 Nov 2013 15:57:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 1574202 Pet Buff Flowchart Tue, 01 Mar 2011 21:06:33 +0000 It has occurred to me that for a blog called ‘Petoholics Anonymous”, there has been a distinct lack of pet or hunter talk lately. This led to wanting to do a pet-related post, and after deciding that I’m horrible at theory-crafting, the one thing I could do was go through all the pet buffs and match them up with what classes overlap them, similar to Rhii’s post on shaman totems. I was all pumped; I could do this! See naysayers, I can be useful and informative!

Then with a Google search, I found out that it’s been done before.

/ego deflate

So through absolutely no work of my own (and no credit as well), I give you the Pet Buff Flowchart:

(Edit: Source)

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Patch 4.01 Tips and Tricks Mon, 25 Oct 2010 19:54:49 +0000 Rename your frost mage’s water elemental

The coolest tip I’ve found so far gets to goes first. Simply type this into your chat window:

/run PetRename(“name goes here“)

via Revive and Rejuvenate and Grimmtooth

Fix disappearing nameplates

Try these different commands until the right combination fixes it for you. Just using the first one seems to work for a lot of people

/console bloattest 1 – Might make nameplates larger but it fixes the disappearing ones.
/console spreadnameplates 0 – Makes them overlap like they used to.
/console bloatnameplates 1 – Makes nameplates larger depending on threat percentage.
/console bloatthreat 1 – Makes nameplates resize depending on threat gain/loss. Only active when a mob has multiple units on its threat table.

via the WoW Forums

Fix the cog of doom!

(Freezes/disconnects from mousing over things such as the Headless Horseman’s pumpkin, mage tables, feasts, etc.)

There’s tons of threads posted and lots of promising solutions. I have one that I’ve been testing for three days and have not had as much as lag spike when mousing over cogs. This works if you’re willing to disable tooltips when you are anywhere a cog icon might show up.

You will need to create two macros, for “turn off tooltips” and “turn on tooltips”.

Turn Off Tooltips

/script GameTooltip.Temphide = function() GameTooltip:Hide() end; GameTooltip:SetScript(“OnShow”, GameTooltip.Temphide);

Turn On Tooltips

/script GameTooltip:SetScript(“OnShow”, GameTooltip.Show);

(There have also been alternative solutions, such as using an addon like TipTac to replace your tooltips.)

via the WoW Forums
Patch 4.0.1 Resources and Impressions Wed, 13 Oct 2010 19:44:23 +0000 Right off the bat, I’m going to give you a bunch of fantastic posts written by Jaded Alt and Revive & Rejuvenate that will help make sense of the chaos that is the latest patch.

Now, do yourself a favor and read those over before logging in. Because otherwise you might be like me and panic a little.

I knew a lot was going to change. Of course it’s not until it’s right in front of my face that I realize just how much. Did I mention that I don’t generally like change?

If you do log onto your hunter and are completely overwhelmed, do this:

  1. Visit a trainer immediately and learn everything available to you. (It helps if you visit the right city too.)
  2. Then you can visit the stable master and fix your pet setup. (I had a spirit beast as one of my active pets despite being untalented, and Blacky was in the inactive pets.)
  3. If you used a macro to call out your pet, this has now changed. The command is now “/cast Call Pet 1” (or 2 or 3 or 4). So put your favorite pet in the first slot and call him/her.
  4. Read the tooltips for all your abilities and place the useful ones (for you) on your bars.
  5. Work on setting up your talents. You can use one of the hunter guides listed under the class guides link, or use this BM spec or this MM spec as a general guideline.
  6. Visit a target dummy (if you can find one that’s free) and go to town on it.

Of course when I first logged on, my brain went in about a million directions as to things I needed to do so I was just standing there paralyzed with choice for a little while. Don’t be like me.

Random thoughts I had over the duration of the evening

  • Oh god, my UI has exploded.
  • Where did all my macros go? Oh, they just removed them from the bars. Now I can’t remember where they all went.
  • Where are all my abilities? Oh god, they removed that many of them?
  • Oh god, Dalaran hurts my framerates.
  • Oooooh, water is very shiny.
  • Where’s my pet? WHERE DID YOU PUT BLACKY?!
  • Oh, she’s in the stables.
  • What are these new spells?
  • Did the ground just shake? O.o
  • Why do half of my macros not work? Dear lord I have a lot of macros.
  • God, half my addons don’t work and my screen looks like it threw up on itself.
  • Note to self: WoW likes to crash or not log me in if I activate too many addons, especially ones that are deemed “out-of-date”.
  • Oh, is THAT what the default UI looks like again?
  • OOOooooo, shiny water.
  • Talents aren’t terribly bad to figure out but I still feel a little lost.
  • I feel REALLY lost when it comes to my rotation/shot priority. *mashes buttons*
  • The ground shook again. I wonder if there’s anything else going on elsewhere…
  • I’m utterly confused by this new glyph interface. And I feel naked missing some glyphs.
  • *jumps over to scribe* I think I know them all? At least I hope so. How would I learn more?
  • Bah, I forgot to make majors. Ah well, none of them are particularly useful outside of the Bestial Wrath one.
  • Back to searching for a target dummy. But hey, at least I’m in Thunderbluff  and not Orgrimmar.
  • WAIT! I need to go tame some pets! Woohoo for gigantic stables!
  • And I curiously have no clue what I really want to tame. Let’s start off with a ghost sabre!

Unfortunately I had to work today so I couldn’t stay up for any more experimentation/go on a taming spree. I have however been scouting out new UI layouts (since my old one is apparently broken and discontinued anyways) so I’ll be working on that tonight. Hopefully more on that in a couple of days.

In the meanwhile, I hope you all are having luck installing the patch and getting into the game to check everything out. Just remember: Don’t Panic and carry a towel!

(Yes, I am a huge geek.)

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Linkback: Totems 101 and Azerothian Diets Tue, 13 Apr 2010 19:24:00 +0000 The other day, I offered my dear Kazimierz an opportunity to move his blog from Blogspot to a WordPress install that I would be the web host for. After seeing all the customization I do for Petoholics, he jumped at the chance, which lead to a fury of activity including getting him a new domain name and customizing a theme to exactly the way he wanted it. I’m still making tweaks here and there for it but overall, I’m pleased with the way it turned out, and Kazi is very pleased.

He has written some great posts, including a very interesting one about the possible culture cuisines that the races of Azeroth could have. For those of you interested in lore or roleplay, I highly recommend that you take a look at it.

If you have any interest in playing a shaman, he also wrote two very well summarized articles about enhancement and restoration gameplay. He is very skilled at playing both of those specs (even though he doesn’t like to admit it 😉 ) so he knows what he’s talking about.

Please give him a visit and let him know what you think of his posts and shiny new theme!

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Whiny Post Day Wed, 17 Mar 2010 22:25:18 +0000 Today is St. Patty’s Day (AKA the day that Faeldray spends like every other day because she does not drink alcohol. Shocking, isn’t it? I must be 1 in 1000 at least.) It has also been declared Whiny Post Day. I do love Righteous Orbs’ whiny post.

Now I certainly hope that I don’t whine too much most of the time but you know what? Today’s the one day where I will just not care. So now all of you lovely readers will get to hear me rant about some things that have been bugging the hell out of me. Be warned, there will be some swearing. Let the complaining begin!

Still here, eh? You must really want to know what’s on my mind. Well, let’s get started.

People who don’t play with mods and/or macros and are proud of it

Now, I will start off by saying that this does not apply to everyone who doesn’t use mods or macros. Hell, there are some awesome players who can do without and they have my utmost respect because they can do all that shit at once. They can buff flawlessly, do their rotations without mistakes, and heal using the F-keys while interrupting that nasty spell the boss is casting and not standing in the bad stuff. These people have my kudos and should be awarded multi-tasker of the year. Because seriously…I can’t do all of that. I rely a lot on PallyPower to help me organize my buffs, on ShieldsUp to watch my shaman’s shields, and on numerous macros for my hunter that do everything from my shot rotation to making sure my pet is alive, healed, and fed.

There are also the people who solo for their entire WoW career and only need to work about what happens to them and no one else. So they don’t need mods like Omen or Recount because they’re having fun on their own. Or And there is nothing wrong with that. As well, the people who are stuck playing on older or cheaper computers and just cannot run WoW with addons.

No, the people I’m referring to you have probably come across in a pug 5-man or raid. They are that paladin gives Kings to everyone because it’s too difficult for them to organize their buffs. Or that shaman healer that doesn’t interrupt the nasty debuff the mob is casting because they’re too busy clicking on portraits. Or they are that DPS that is constantly pulling aggro or asking how their damage was because they would never have Omen or Recount installed.

And then they BRAG about it. What the hell are you bragging about? Congratulations, you suck at your job because you’re too damn stubborn to get tools that could HELP YOU. I don’t give a rat’s ass that you’re playing “au naturel” because WE WIPED DUE TO YOUR NEGLECT. For pete’s sake, we’re suppose to be working as a team here. There’s enough void zones and fires on the ground that I don’t want to have to deal with you not being able to pull your weight around. I mean really, I do go through the trouble of installing and setting up PallyPower just right, so I can make sure that I’m giving the right buffs to the right people. And I have mouseover macros for my heals in combination with Grid so I can interrupt if needed.

Mods and macros are absolutely no replacement for skills and knowledge. What they do allow is for you to focus on the million other things that are happening at once. They help to allow the basics of your class to become easier to use, so you can impress everyone with all the other neat tricks you have. You can be a carpenter without electric tools but you become a hell of a lot more efficient when you plug in that circular saw. (Yes, I took some woodworking courses. I’m an awesome gal that way.)

Really, dead people are not going to be impressed by your lack of mods or macros. Even less so when they have to run back to their corpses.

This post has been dedicated to the pug paladin who buffed my hunter with Wisdom and wouldn’t change it. What. The. Hell.

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There is no dragon mode Thu, 17 Sep 2009 20:22:49 +0000 Or How to Roleplay a Dragon

Anyone who’s had any experience roleplaying in WoW have seen them. As labeled by my guild, they are the werewolf vampire dragon blood elf shaman warlocks who always seem to be hanging around in Silvermoon or Goldshire in skimpy outfits.

Sadly, it’s these people who give the real roleplayers a bad name, which in turn frustrates us. Because not only do we have to deal with these people, but also the RP griefers, the god moders, and the out-in-the-open ERPs. (I have no problem with erotic roleplayers in general but for pete sake, keep it to whispers. There are little children playing this game too.)

Having said that, I should tell you that I roleplay Saraku as a dragon. As mentioned above, this is generally a big no-no. However, I seemed to have pulled it off successfully, at least according to the people I have asked.

The biggest rule to remember when roleplaying in WoW is: Keep within the confines of the game. Let me go into more detail of how I did it with Saraku.

He’s a netherdrake.

Netherdrakes are seen most often in the game as mounts, working in close association with adventurers to fly them to remote places. It’s gotten to the point where it’s not even unusual to see them. They are not above getting down and dirty to get the job done. I’m not saying that other dragons are uppity, but in general they are more worried about the larger picture. I believe it’s still possible to roleplay another type of dragon but if I had to choose one that would make the most sense as an adventurer, it would be netherdrakes.

He’s not a dragon of uber pwnage.

When Saraku is in human form, he’s confined to the same restrictions that any other player character would be. He can’t breathe fire or tear a man apart with his bare hands or shoot lasers from his eyes. For fighting purposes, he is just another blood elf. He can be bruised, beaten, slashed, and killed just like anyone else of his class and level.

Saraku is also a young dragon who’s very naive. Having been raised as a slave, with all his needs taken care of by his slavers, all he really needed to know was how to fly them around when needed. Once he became Niqora’s charge, she took over feeding and taking care of him. In dragon form, he wouldn’t even know how to hunt, much less how to fight anything.

He can’t change on a whim.

At this point, he can’t change in while in Azeroth at all. To neatly explain away why, I decided that he needs certain energies in order to be a dragon. In this case, he needs either the nether energies in the Outlands, or the auroras in Northrend. Of course once Cataclysm comes out, I’ll most likely have to find a reason for him to now be able to fly in Azeroth.

He also can’t change into a dragon to rip things to shreds. For one thing, the change between the two forms leaves him vulnerable so it would not be a good idea to shift in the middle of a fight. Also, by the time he got to the Outlands, his blood elf form was stronger and more experienced at fighting than his dragon form. At this point in his life, he is comfortable in the blood elf skin and will probably not attempt to change back for a while.

He has a reason to be in humanoid form.

Why take the form of a less powerful species when you can just scorch your enemies in one pass? Saraku has two reasons. For one, he greatly admires Niqora, who freed him from slavery in Shadowmoon Valley. She has been the only real friend he has had, and his inspiration to see what it’s like to be a humanoid. In addition, he became intensely curious about life as a humanoid and what Azeroth was like. He has a wanderlust just as she does and since the only way he could see Azeroth was to become a humanoid…well, the result is obvious.

More recently, he has also thought of returning to his birthplace in the Netherwing Ledge and freeing some of his kind who are still slaves there. He could not accomplish this as a dragon, as I doubt the Dragonmaw orc disguise would work that well. Hence just another reason to be a blood elf.

He’s no one important.

There are other dragons in the game who can change into humanoids so Saraku is not an unusual case. And he is not the Commander of the Netherwing flight, or the bastard son of Alexstrasza and the Lich King (I don’t know how that would be possible even, nevermind make him a netherdrake). In essence, he’s merely another adventurer on a mission to help fix some problems in the world. He has realized, through Niqora and his own work, that you don’t have to be someone special to make a difference.

I did research before creating him.

You don’t have to be a lore nerd in order to come up with a decent background for your character but you do have to know something about where they come from. For example, when deciding his name, I did some searching and discovered that netherdrakes often end their names in “-aku” or “-us”. After some playing around with different letters and sounds, I came up with Saraku, which I think rolls nicely off the tongue and sounds natural. If I had went with a red dragon-type name, the character wouldn’t have made any sense.

I have to admit that I’m not the one who came up with the basic idea in the first place. While I was playing Niqo, I would imagine Saraku’s personality and the conversations the two of them would have as they flew around the Outlands. I had wanted to roleplay him in dragon form as a companion of Niqo’s (like how I roleplay with my pets) but I never seemed to find the opportunity to. Then one day a guild mate mentioned how an alt they had rolled was a nether drake in disguise and I said “BRILLIANT!” and then asked if I could steal the idea for Saraku.

I do love playing him though. He’s so naive and literal minded that I can usually make my guildmates laugh with his antics. So far I’ve had no one grieve me over the fact that he’s a dragon. So I’m assuming that I’ve successfully created a character that side-steps the whole “werewolf vampire dragon blood elf shaman warlocks” taboo.

And no, he does not turn back into a dragon to do the nasty. Anyone on a RP server will know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, read this from Rotten Apples (NSFW).

Does anyone have any comments/tips/rants about this post? Please post them, I want to hear your views.

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Argent Tournament Jousting Strategy Sat, 25 Jul 2009 17:07:12 +0000 I try to do the Argent Tournament dailies every day (before for the titles and now just for the seals). My guildies and other friends do them as well but I always hear them complaining about how difficult the jousting ones are.

I’ve tried to explain the strategy that I use (and I can’t remember exactly where I found it) but it appears to be a bit confusing since I can’t show them what I mean.

So my solution was to create a video of Niqora using the technique on two different opponents. Of course you don’t have to watch the whole thing to get the jist of what I’m doing but it’s there just in case you do.

Here’s an explanation of the technique:

  1. Get your shields (Defend) up to 3 stacks right before you challenge the opponent.
  2. Once he takes off, spam Charge. You’ll automatically charge him when he’s far enough away. This will remove one of his shields.
  3. You’ll keep charging past him and what you want to do is to make a loop back around so you end up standing right in front of him. While you make the loop, spam Shield Breaker. This may take a couple tries to get right and sometimes it doesn’t even work. But if it does work, your opponent will lose another shield and he won’t be able to get a Charge/Shield Breaker off on you.
  4. Once you are within melee range again after completeing the loop, spam Thrust while making sure that you have 3 shields up. I always press Defend once during the melee part even if I still have 3 stacks of shields up. This way I know they won’t expire unexpectedly.
  5. Once your opponent starts to walk away from you again, start spamming Charge and repeat the process over again.

A higher quality version of this video is available on Xfire.

Here are two other explanations of the same strategy in case mine isn’t clear enough:

And of course questions/comments are always welcome. I hope this helps some people out when they’re doing their jousting. 🙂

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Warp Stalker Soloing Talent Build Thu, 16 Oct 2008 19:58:03 +0000 I’m still downloading patches for WoW (sigh) so I decided to try my hand at some theory-crafting. Keep in mind that I’m not an expert or number cruncher unlike some people. I’m just doing what I think feels right so please give any comments, suggestions, or complaints you may have on this. It’s just a little test, nothing set in concrete.

I was playing around with the pet talent calculator and ended up with a build for Niqora’s warp stalker Grakoth. If I had to pick one great thing about Grakoth (and warp stalkers in general) is his Warp ability. It instantly teleports him to the mob, costs no focus and has a 15 second cooldown. It’s up for practically every fight and saves me having to wait for him to run over to the mob. It’s perfect for someone like me who does a lot of farming, soloing, dailies, etc.

So about the talent build. When I created it, I kept Warp in mind, as well as wanting Grakoth to keep aggro, stay alive, and maybe do a little DPS on the side. I used Big Red Rhino’s talent review and builds as a guide, making some adjustments for a warp stalker and the fact that Grakoth is only level 70.

Tier 1: The first 3 points went into Great Stamina for the health boost. I ignored Charge because of Warp and Natural Armor was put on the backburner due to it being useful but I think the points are better spent elsewhere. The next 2 points were put in Cobra Reflexes. Previous theory-crafting (not mine, I can’t remember where I saw it) concluded that Cobra Reflexes increased DPS because more attacks means more crits.

Tier 2: 3 points into Spiked Collar because hey, more damage is good. Boar’s Speed was ignored because again…Warp. I put 2 points into Blood of the Rhino for the extra boost it will give to Mend Pet. When I’m doing dailies, I sometimes find that Mend Pet does just a little less healing than I need to negate the damage Grakoth is taking.

Tier 3: More threat helps him keep aggro, hence the 2 points in Guard Dog. Intervene was ignored because I solo mostly and ahem…he’s got Warp. 🙂 Lionhearted would probably be more useful in PvP so I passed on it. 3 points were put in Avoidance because of the reduced AOE damage and it leads to Last Stand.

Tier 4: No points here. Great Resistance is more for instances and PvP. I was considering Grace of the Mantis but somehow it didn’t seem worth it. A small percentage to reduce the mob’s melee crits…I believe the points could be better spent elsewhere.

Tier 5: Taunt was taking to help Grakoth keep aggro. Last Stand is good for some temporary hit points, say for taking on 3 or 4 mobs at a time.

One of my options is to take the 3 points of of Spiked Collar and put 2 into Natural Armor and 1 into Pet Barding. But my way of thinking is the faster the enemy goes down, the less damage Grakoth has to take. So for now at least I’m willing to sacrifice some armor for the DPS.

There you have it! My patches are finally getting close to being done and I’m going to head off to download some addon updates so I can get right down to playing once everything’s ready. I welcome any opinions and suggestions on this build.

Edit: I forgot that in a comment, Tzia had asked me if Warp and Charge share a cooldown. As you can see, I didn’t take it here and a web search came up with nothing. Unless someone else knows, I’m going to guess that they don’t, because well…that wouldn’t make sense to me. Of course I could be wrong and the only sure way to know is to test it out in-game…which I may end up doing anyways.

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Syncing your WoW stuff across multiple computers Sun, 13 Apr 2008 19:09:30 +0000 I don’t know if I’m the only one who is in this situation: I can’t always play WoW on the same computer. In fact, I play on 4 separate computers: my crappy 5-year-old laptop that can barely run WoW, my brother’s newer computer, one of the super-nice systems that are available at my work (24-inch widescreens baby!), and the work computer at the front that serves as our till. (My boss suggested that one. Did I mention that I love my boss?) I also use a multitude of mods that I like to keep up to date on all the computers and all my characters. All in all, this was a frustrating endeavor until recently.

Now, I knew for a long time was that all the mods were located in a directory under the WoW install directory. What I found out more recently so that all your mod and character settings are located in a different WoW directory. So all that you need to do is to keep those files the same across all your computers and everything will remain constant. Then I came up with a simple solution to this. (With screenshots!)

You need only two things:

  1. A USB flash drive ( A 1GB one is plenty unless you have tons of mods [I have about 114 mods]. You can pick one up for about $20 or less.)
  2. A synchronization program. I use SyncBack Freeware because it does the job and it’s free 🙂

This demonstration will be performed with SyncBack because it’s what I know.

The first step is of course to install SyncBack. You can install it on each computer if you like but I installed it directly on the USB drive for portability. You can do this one of two ways:

  1. Install it directly on your USB drive. Make sure that the drive is plugged in and when it asks for the installation folder, browse to the USB.
  2. Install it on your computer and then copy or cut the folder it creates to your USB.

Then rev that program up and go to create a new profile. You’ll want to select the synchronization type.

Select “sync” type

And give it a name.

Name the profile

Now you’ll see this screen.

The setup window

Now you’ll need to select your source, which will be the location where your mods are installed (WoW Directory\Interface\Addons) where “WoW Directory” is where World of Warcraft is installed on the computer. In my case, it’s C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\.

Choose the source

Then select the destination, your USB drive. On this computer, my USB drive is assigned letter F and I created a folder called Addons to hold the addons.

Choose the destination

Press “OK”. It’ll ask you if you want to run a simulation, that’s up to you. Then you can hit the “Run” button located at the bottom of the window and it will sync your mod files.

The “Run” button

In this case, none of the files will be on your USB drive so it will copy all the files to there. The next time you run, however, it will check the file modification dates and which file is newest in either the source or the destination will replace the older file in the source or destination. Simply said, it makes sure that the files stay up to date.

To synchronize your mod and character settings, repeat the steps above. Only this time, choose your source as WoW Directory\WTF\Account\YOURUSERNAME where “YOURACCOUNTNAME” is a folder labelled with your account name in all caps. In my case, it’s C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\[account name removed for security reasons]. For the destination, select the USB drive as the destination again. In my example, my USB drive is assigned letter F and I created a folder named after my account name to hold these files.

In the case of Syncback, these profiles will only be stored on the computer that you created them on. So if you created them on your home computer and then plugged the USB drive into your work computer and started Syncback, no profiles will appear. The profiles are still on your home computer, you will just have to make ones for your work computer as well. In most cases, this is actually a good thing. With all four computers that I play WoW on, each one of them assigns a different letter to the USB drive. To summarize this, you will have to repeat the profile steps on each computer you play WoW on but once they are set up, they will remain there for good.

In order to keep all these files up-to-date, run these Syncback profiles before and after you play. A little bit of preparation means that you won’t have to worry about different settings and mods across different computers. If any of this needs any clarification, please comment below.

The only thing I have left to say is Happy questing to all!

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Item Tooltips in WordPress Revisited Mon, 31 Dec 2007 20:24:52 +0000 Note: Unless you are a WordPress user or a web programmer geek, this post will probably be very boring to you.

If you’ve been using an installed version of WordPress for your blog, you’ve probably noticed the little bar just under your admin menu to update to the latest verison 2.3.2. Apparently there’s some security fixes in there including the fix for a hack that allowed anyone to see your draft posts. Frankly, I wasn’t too worried about people seeing my draft posts (not like I have any national secrets or anything) but that little bar was bugging me because I’m almost OCD about keeping my software and stuff up-to-date.

Only doing this wasn’t simple for me because apparently the WordPress scripts were using a little too much memory and I kept getting Allowed Memory Size Exhausted Error. In frustration, I downgraded and upgraded two more times, only to get the same result. I was about to write a email to my webhost when I happened to check their support database and lo and behold, there was my answer! I created a custom php.ini file, placed it in the subdirectory that is this blog and bing! Everything knows works perfectly. Did I mention that I love my webhost? Buy your hosting from her, she’s a super nice lady and has the cheapest prices you will ever see, I swear.

So, enough about that and onto a related topic that I’ve been meaning to cover for a while. Before, I wasn’t able to get ItemStats working on this blog so I had come up with a custom solution that was a little bit…complicated. I actually ended up getting ItemStats to work but I was having problems with it dealing with the permalinks and I don’t even think the entire script is supported anymore…

Then Thottbot, quickly followed by WoWHead, came up with their own handy solutions in the form of a JavaScript that you just link to. Seriously, that was it. So, this is my little tutorial of how to implement it in a WordPress blog:

Step 1: Get the code from either Thottbot or WoWHead. It’s your own personal preference as to which one you want but I personally prefer WoWHead. Their tooltips just seem prettier and quicker. It’s what I use anyways.

Step 2: Open the theme file to edit it. They say anywhere will do but knowing my code, I think the best place is just under the </head> tag. To get to that, log into your admin panel for your blog, then the Presentation link in your menu, then Theme Editor in the submenu that will load with the page. There should be a menu on the right side of the screen and you’ll want to select the Header file to edit.

Just note that the changes you will make will only affect the current theme. If you change your theme, you’ll have to go through these steps once again.

Step 3: Place the code into the Header file. Scroll down through the code and look for the </head> text. You can use the Find command (under the Edit menu) of your browser if you wish. Once you find the </head> text, place the code that you got from Thottbot or WoWHead under it on another line.

Step 4: Click the Update File button on the lower right and…you’re done. To get the tooltips to show up in your posts, you must first find the items by searching Thottbot/WoWHead for them. Once you’re on the item’s page, copy the URL that’s in the address bar of your browser, and link whatever text you want to it in your WordPress post writer thingy.

I hope that was fairly simple to understand. I could also post an optional addition to this tutorial of how to use the macro expander plugin that I talked about in my first tooltip tutorial. But I’ll leave that up to you, the readers, to see if you want it. If you do, just post a comment below asking for it and you shall receive.

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