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Category Archives: Macros/Addons

Hunter Mods #3: FloAspectBar and FloTotemBar


These two addons, created by the same author, are simple but useful. They each place bars above your toolbar that contain buttons for certain skills. It’s easy to see that FloAspectBar holds your aspects. To me, FloTotemBar was not obvious at first how it could be used by a hunter, even though it came up […]

Hunter Macro #3: Switching aspects


This is a very simple macro that is useful in a situation where you need to change between aspects quickly. For example, changing between Aspect of the Monkey and Aspect of the Hawk in a battleground or other PvP situation. #showtooltip /castsequence Aspect of the Hawk, Aspect of the Monkey You can replace the above […]

Hunter Macro #2: All-in-One Pet


This macro I put together from bits and pieces all over the web, including WoWWiki and Someone. #showtooltip [nopet] Call Pet; [target=pet,dead] Revive Pet; [modifier] Beast Training; Mend Pet /cast [nopet] Call Pet; [target=pet,dead] Revive Pet; [modifier] Beast Training; [button:2] Dismiss Pet; [button:1] Mend Pet;