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Argent Tournament Jousting Strategy


I try to do the Argent Tournament dailies every day (before for the titles and now just for the seals). My guildies and other friends do them as well but I always hear them complaining about how difficult the jousting ones are. I’ve tried to explain the strategy that I use (and I can’t remember […]

Warp Stalker Soloing Talent Build


I’m still downloading patches for WoW (sigh) so I decided to try my hand at some theory-crafting. Keep in mind that I’m not an expert or number cruncher unlike some people. I’m just doing what I think feels right so please give any comments, suggestions, or complaints you may have on this. It’s just a […]

Syncing your WoW stuff across multiple computers


I don’t know if I’m the only one who is in this situation: I can’t always play WoW on the same computer. In fact, I play on 4 separate computers: my crappy 5-year-old laptop that can barely run WoW, my brother’s newer computer, one of the super-nice systems that are available at my work (24-inch […]