Exploration – Petoholics Anonymous http://wow.wolfdragon.net Because you can never have too many pets Sat, 16 Nov 2013 15:57:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 1574202 The world literally falling apart can keep you busy http://wow.wolfdragon.net/2010/12/the-world-literally-falling-apart-can-keep-you-busy/ Tue, 14 Dec 2010 20:33:37 +0000 http://wow.wolfdragon.net/?p=1063 I realize it’s been getting close to a month now since you heard from me and I can assure you I’m doing rather well. Doing better than just well actually. I’ve been keeping busy at work with a major project that’s actually quite interesting (albeit frustrating at times) and when I haven’t been dissecting and piecing together code into something resembling a coherent website, I’ve been playing lots and lots of WoW as you can imagine.

As of the Shattering, Kazi and I took full advantage of the new race/class combinations and rolled a bunch of alts. I now have a new tauren priest (who ICly is Anuniaq 2.0) who is being protected by Kazi’s new tauren prot paladin. I kind of scoffed originally at the tauren pallies’ racial mounts but I find now that they’re growing on me more, the level 20 ones more so than the level 40 ones. After some half-hearted grumbling, Kazi convinced me to try out smite healing on my disco priest and I have to say…I thought healing was interesting before, smite healing makes it even more fun! And more amusingly, I’m often 2nd or 3rd on the DPS meters thanks to heirlooms and spam-smiting. 😉

I also rolled a troll rogue (after a failed troll druid who only made it to level 5) to go with Kazi’s orc mage, only to decide I want an orc warrior instead to instance tank. So the group then evolved into my warrior, Kazi’s mage, and one of our friends who we managed to convince to finally make an alt,  so he created a troll priest to heal our sorry arses.

Saraku has joined the ranks of holycows as I switched his race to tauren. There will be some RP stories to come about all of that once I go out and buy The Shattering novel and figure out what the hell happened in the year (or is it 3 years?) since the Cataclysm actually happened. I really do wish they hadn’t glossed over all of it in-game. I feel like I’ve missed whole sections of my characters’ lives, especially Niqora’s.

Once Cataclysm actually came out, I was saddened to find out that my Collector’s Edition preorder was shipped on December 7, instead of arriving on the 7th. Despite me protesting that I’d be fine without it for a couple days, Kazi bought me the digital version and I was able to play that night because of him. What a sweetheart. <3

The first thing I did was buy old world flying and archaeology so I could begin my digging frenzy. Because of Kazi’s work hours, we weren’t able to play until the weekend and we had decided beforehand to quest together on Niqora and Kazimierz. So we spent the work week leapfrogging each other in experience through archaeology/mining/cooking and fishing dailies until the weekend. Then…we quested our hearts out together. 😉

So far we’re just shy of level 84 and have made our way through all of Vash’jir and the majority of Deepholm. The quality of the quests have just floored us and the scenery is completely and utterly amazing. Getting a free seahorse mount is epic. Being able to play as a naga both made us wish that nagas were a playable race. >.> And the cut-scenes in some of the quests are a fantastic idea! Both the zones have just been…wow. And I am eagerly looking forward to seeing the other three. All of our alts will likely be put on the backburner until we’ve at least gotten to level 85.

As a guild, we’ve managed to max out Bloodriver’s leveling every day so far, and we’re not by any means a large guild. Quite a few people are already at level 85, so Kazi and I are hoping to catch up with everyone this weekend and start running dungeons with them to gear up. I’m also really excited to start raiding come January, as we’ll be splitting our raids into casual raids that are open to everyone like before, and progression raids that are made of select members who have proven their skills and who will tackle current content. I am definitely ready to wipe over and over again in the name of progression. 😉

There’s a debate currently going on over which loot system we should use for our progression raids. We’ve been using Suicide Kings in the past and I’ve seen very little complaints about it. However, DKP has been suggested for the progression team and it’s been met by some backlash. It seems that half the members have never been in a raid that used it and the other half that has thinks it’s a horrible idea. I personally have never seen it in use so I’d gladly welcome any comments about DKP here.

As I only plan to get even more preoccupied as the month wears on (including Kazi coming to spend Christmas/my birthday with me! GLEE!), I wouldn’t expect too many updates here. There’s just too much to do and so many things to see right now!

Neither gold nor glory http://wow.wolfdragon.net/2010/10/neither-gold-nor-glory/ http://wow.wolfdragon.net/2010/10/neither-gold-nor-glory/#comments Fri, 01 Oct 2010 17:46:57 +0000 http://wow.wolfdragon.net/?p=994 I finally did it. It took me several weeks, mostly rep grinding, some of it due to the help required for raids not being available at five in the morning when I came home, but the Scepter of the Shifting Sands is now mine, forever in a place of honor in Kazi’s bank. After all the preparation, slaying trash in AQ40 for reputation, gathering the obscenely expensive materials and rare meats for that crazy gnome in Tanaris, hunting through hostile territory for book fragments and the epic Moonglade event with Eranikus, a single night of raiding finished the job: a quick Onyxia run, followed by begging our only semi-active rogue (we really could use someone who mains a rogue in Bloodriver) to accompany us to Blackwing Lair. Afterward, we trekked to Azshara to finish off Maws, and finally to Silithus to finish the chain for good. There was no epic event, at least not for us—the Scarab Gate had never been closed on Wyrmrest Accord,  as it’s quite young.

As my guildies (seriously, thank you guys! I couldn’t have done much of anything without your help) dispersed, I couldn’t help wondering…what drove me to do such a long, painful line of quests? There was essentially no reward; the dagger and robes I received during the course of questing don’t have unique skins, and the cost of the materials for the arcanite buoy was close to ruinous. The legendary mount and title are long past obtainable, no other items can be shown to others—the Scepter isn’t even an item that can be equipped and shown to other. Why, then, did I spend many hours of my own time and that of my guildies to finish this archaic questline?

I believe it’s my completionist desire, the same one that drove me to get Seeker and Loremaster, and which still propels me on occasion to keep questing on Kazi. I pay my money every month for this game, and I love it…and like every other game I’ve loved, I am doing everything I can to prolong the game. Which, I suppose, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in a game which continuously updates, but it keeps me busy. The questline has also tantalized me for a long time; I’ve written before on my fascination with the entire Ahn’Qiraj war effort event, and this questline was in many ways the focal point of that event. It’s also going away in Cataclysm—it’s been confirmed that the blue dragon which gives an entire third of the scepter’s questline is being removed, and it’s likely they’ll remove the rest as well. Regardless of why, it’s still a major thing I can check off on my ‘To Do’ list…now, to get that Eye of Sulfuras….

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The Adventures of Kazimierz and Saraku: Hidden Tauren House and Jumping Off Tall Things http://wow.wolfdragon.net/2010/04/the-adventures-of-kazimierz-and-saraku-hidden-tauren-house-and-jumping-off-tall-things/ http://wow.wolfdragon.net/2010/04/the-adventures-of-kazimierz-and-saraku-hidden-tauren-house-and-jumping-off-tall-things/#comments Tue, 20 Apr 2010 20:03:53 +0000 http://wow.wolfdragon.net/?p=929 I did have a post drafted up about hunter mods and macros, but due to a bunch of things happening, it’ll be postponed for a little while. After having two members of my guild hacked, organizing Ashen Verdict rep runs, and trying to deal with RL things like work annoyances and doing my taxes for the first time on my own, pretty much all of my free time has been dedicated to simply having fun in WoW.

So in lieu of a post that actually requires me to write, >.> I give you a long overdue and hopefully entertaining episode of The Adventures of Kazimierz and Saraku!

Hidden Tauren House

This first video is Kazi and Saraku’s visit to the little tauren camp that rests in the mountains between the Barrens and Mulgore. This place is of particular importance to me because when the wall-walking trick was still in-game, I discovered the way there all on my own when I was still a newbie (Niqora was level 40ish or something) and it was my very own secret spot. I was saddened when they removed wall-walking and thus removed my only way to get to “my” house. With the introduction of the zeppelin that travels between Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar, I was able once again to visit my favorite spot in-game (although now it’s less special now that everyone else can too). Regardless, it was great fun to wander around it again with my adventuring partner, Kazi.

Jumping Off Tall Things

Everyone knows the Temple of Storms in Storm Peaks, right? It’s only one of the tallest things in that game that you can get to the top of. In the next two videos, Kazi and Saraku get a bunch of their friends together to participate in an activity that in character, Saraku calls “jumping off tall things”. In the first video, we slowfall/levitate all the way to the Emerald Dragonshire in Dragonblight. In the second one, we make it to Venture Bay in Grizzly Hills.

By “we”, I of course mean the people who were lucky enough to remain within casting range of the mage/priest. Poor Kazi. 🙁

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The Adventures of Kazimierz and Saraku: Kazi’s screenshots http://wow.wolfdragon.net/2009/10/the-adventures-of-kazimierz-and-saraku-kazis-screenshots/ Thu, 15 Oct 2009 17:37:11 +0000 http://wow.wolfdragon.net/?p=774 When I posted the first of Kazi’s and Saraku’s Adventures yesterday, I lamented not taking any screenshots of the Tanaris Islands and the tauren home. But lucky Kazi had the foresight to take a couple and linked them in the comments. So here they are in their own post!

Tauren home Tauren Home Tanaris Islands Tanaris Islands

Yeah, I know Kazi did all the driving the whole way there. But I provided directions and Crusader Aura, so that makes me a good co-pilot…right? Right?

On a side note, I think Kazi should start a blog of his own and join the Bloodriver troop of bloggers (even if he isn’t technically in Bloodriver, he’s an honorary member in my eyes). Dooooo eet, Kazi. 😉

The Adventures of Kazimierz and Saraku: Shatterspear Village http://wow.wolfdragon.net/2009/10/the-adventures-of-kazimierz-and-saraku-shatterspear-village/ http://wow.wolfdragon.net/2009/10/the-adventures-of-kazimierz-and-saraku-shatterspear-village/#comments Wed, 14 Oct 2009 20:24:17 +0000 http://wow.wolfdragon.net/?p=754 It started out innocently enough.

Kazi had offered to help me out with something on Saraku (looking for an engineering recipe I believe) and on the way he stopped to see if the raid boss dragon in Duskwood was around. We tried to 2-man it, discovered that it uses a cheap sleeping cloud trick, and ended up running back to our bodies. Then we rode around some more…well Kazi drove, I rode in the side car of his Mechano-hog. Then we started talking over vent about exploring and we discovered that Kazi had never been to the little tauren farm south of Silithus and neither of us had been to the Tanaris Islands.

This called for a road trip!

We hearthed to Dalaran, took the portal to the Caverns of Time, and then I hoped in the side car again as we made the trip. There was some fatigue getting out to the islands but we made it in plenty of time (yay for Crusader Aura). This is the part where I completely forgot to take screenshots. /sigh

The Tanaris Islands are 2 islands that are only inhabited by a handful of Bloodsail pirates, a scorpion, and a buzzard. However there are a bunch of buildings and contraptions that are interesting. After studying the architecture we discovered that the north islands have gnomish buildings and the south island has goblin buildings. Between Wowwiki and our own thoughts, the place could be a testing ground for engineers, an old competition grounds, or what’s left of a battle between the two races. Either way, it was pretty neat.

Then we headed over to the tauren farm, which is a good half hour ride over water (thank god for shammy water walking). There was a small detour as we explored the rather large cave that’s on the way there and Kazi claimed it for the Horde by planting an Orgrimmar banner in the ground. While admiring the tauren farm, we started talking again about exploring and I mentioned the dancing troll village that I had heard about between Felwood, Moonglade, Winterspring, and Darkshore.

At this point, there was no chance we were going to pass us that challenge. We were off again to Winterspring while I found this video to guide us down the right path. There’s some LONG falls you have to take to get there so you pretty much need some way to slow fall or survive the drops. In our case, we both had engy parachutes and I had bubbles. Engineers FTW. 😉 Kazi used his nitro boosts and parachute right at the first big jump, and he sailed right over the village and almost over the mountains on the other side into Darkshore. Being more nervous about it, I took the jumps slowly and one at a time.

Now at this part, I not only remembered to take screenshots but also remembered that Xfire has a built-in video capture. So I will let them speak for themselves.

I like how I ended the video with us fishing in the boat.

Shatterspear Village Nice place to fish Shatterspear Village Shatterspear Village Shatterspear Village Shatterspear Village Shatterspear Village Shatterspear Village PAR-TAY! Shatterspear Village More Horde Crates Horde Crates? What could this mean? Shatterspear Village Shatterspear Village Couldn't resist the temptation to join in Shatterspear Village

EDIT: Forgot to include this little tidbit from WoWWiki:

The Shatterspear village will become an accesible subzone of Darkshore in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. A screenshot of the village released via press kit shows an ancient nearby.

Speculation has it, that these trolls are the next troll tribe to join the Horde (following the Darkspear and Revantusk tribes). The ancient standing in their village, the proximity to Moonglade, and the fact Trolls are going to be able to become Druids in Cataclysm, causes a suspicion that the Shatterspear Trolls are either becoming a “playable race” (Just saying that the Troll Druids are of the Shatterspear tribe) or that they taught the Trolls of the Darkspear Tribe how to become druids, as well.

Next time on The Adventures of Kazimierz and Saraku, we explore the Tauren house in the mountains between Mulgore and the Barrens!

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What secret places do you know about? http://wow.wolfdragon.net/2009/10/what-secret-places-do-you-know-about/ http://wow.wolfdragon.net/2009/10/what-secret-places-do-you-know-about/#comments Fri, 09 Oct 2009 17:55:46 +0000 http://wow.wolfdragon.net/?p=725 I have a question for you, my lovely readers. I’m looking for some cool places that most players don’t know about or are really hard to get to.

Ones that I have on my list so far:

  • Shatterspear Village (the dancing troll village)
  • The Tanaris Islands
  • The tauren farm south of Silithus
  • NewMan’s Landing
  • Ironforge Airport, Mount Ironforge, and the Wetlands Farm
  • Elwynn Waterfalls
  • Western Stonetalon
  • Karazhan Crypt
  • The tauren house in the mountains between Mulgore and the Barrens

Are there any others that anyone knows of that could be explored? Please leave a comment to let me know!

Side note: The name submission forms for the PANDA WoW Name Generator and the Pet-o-licious Namerator are back up again! Finally! Once again you have the opportunity to suggest names for these popular tools so please don’t hesitate to do so.

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