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Category Archives: Roleplaying

Of Death and Rebirth


It is often easy to forget about the impact of death, permanent death, in a world filled with resurrection magic and spirit healers. For players, an untimely demise at the hands (or claws, teeth, spells, what have you) of another is merely a brief, annoying setback in the quest for xp or loot, not the […]

The birth of a name


LarĂ­sa over at the Pink Pigtail Inn wrote about how difficult it can be to come up with a good character name, especially when one has an army of alts. That got me thinking: I have an army of alts that are more or less named differently from one another (as in I don’t have […]

The constraints of roleplaying


There’s a couple Dragon Age spoilers ahead, mostly having to deal with the beginning sequence of the city elf character. Nothing in depth though. Over the past month or so, I’ve been playing quite a bit of the single-player RPG Dragon Age as well as dabble for my first time in tabletop gaming, beginning with […]