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Are you the right person for the job?


As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m an officer in my guild Bloodriver, and I have been one almost since its creation over 2 years ago. Over that span of time, I’ve seen many many members and even officers come and go for various reasons. It’s my personal belief that the officer position should go […]

What if you were a raid boss?


On whim the other night, we decided to take a group of level 85s and complete some achievements for old world instances. As you can imagine, it was rather like sand-blasting a soup cracker, and most of our time was spent actually flying to the different instances. (And flying back to WC a second time […]

When do you tell a guild member no?


Say you have this hypothetical situation. You’re in charge of a guild raid and since these are your friends, people you know who are kind, your looting system is just random rolling. You’re still master looter but anyone who wants an item can /roll and whoever is the highest gets it. These are the people […]