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All-in-one character updates


I honestly have been playing…really, I swear. Work as usual has taken up chunks of my time, as well as other things. And I know I’ve been behind on all of my RSS feeds for the blogs I read when I have over 700 new items >.< To make things simpler, I’m just going to […]

I’ve got a lovely bunch of hunter pets


Hi, my name is Faeldray, and I am a petoholic. And it turns out that I’m not the only one out there. Mania, who was away on work, asked for everyone to talk about their pets and why they love them. I know I’m writing this a little late but it’s taken me a while […]

Boots, rams, and PvP


Nicora has been getting a lot of play time recently and as a result, she’s not only hit level 46, but she’ll also received two items of importance: [item]33976[/item] and [item]20156[/item].