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Some thoughts (and patch 2.3)


I apologize for the gobbly-gook that was at the top of the site for a day or two. I had tried to fix something in the ItemStats plugin and it just mucked things up even more. I couldn’t even fix it because silly me didn’t have a copy of the original somewhere and the computers […]

This is why you let sleeping cats lie…


Anyone know who Dishu is? She’s the first leopard-skinned cat available, and the only one tamable below level 25. She is also a rare spawn. How do I know she’s a she? Simple. When Fhionn first attempted to tame her, she and her three suddenly-spawning cubs ripped the night elf to shreds.

Cats, leveling, and bye-bye Loch Modan!


Fhionn, as you may know, is my cat lady. She will only tame cat pets. Right now, she has Irusan, a Durotar tiger. I had to run all the way to the Echo Isles to get him, not without the help of a guildie of course. But now I have been thinking of getting Dishu, […]