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Speak, Spot, speak


Ever tamed a pet with a special behavior? In her blog, Mania talks about certain pets that have unusual behaviors, like making noises they’re not suppose to or appearing in a puff of smoke. Jorthwyn already had a winter wolf but I decided that I might like one of the barking wolves better. Since the […]

Wanna know who I play?


I have now created pages for each of my hunters that I play, all six of them. This way it’ll hopefully be easier to keep track of who’s who on what realm, who has which pet, etc. The About page also has more info about me and Petoholics Anonymous. So if you’re on Hydraxis or […]

Two new pets


Machalor and Jorthwyn have each tamed a new pet (Nicora is still holding out until level 42 for Snarler). Machalor got Snort the Heckler and Jorthwyn got a strigid hunter owl. I got the owl mostly out of curiousity and because I’ve never had any sort of bird pet before. So far the owl doesn’t […]