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Now with more orc!


Now that Faeldray’s glowing introduction has me all blushing, I suppose I should share a few things about myself…as you might have guessed, that’s my namesake up there, hanging out in Orgrimmar. I raid casually, RP, and level a multi-server army of alts, but Kazi’s been a solid main for a long, long time. I […]

Introducing a new face


Well, he’s not exactly knew as I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about him 19,382 times by now. My beau Kazimierz will be joining me here at Petoholics Anonymous, bringing his wit, eloquence, and superb story telling along with him. It has nothing to do with the fact that I can now blame him if […]

The Adventures of Kazimierz and Saraku: Hidden Tauren House and Jumping Off Tall Things


I did have a post drafted up about hunter mods and macros, but due to a bunch of things happening, it’ll be postponed for a little while. After having two members of my guild hacked, organizing Ashen Verdict rep runs, and trying to deal with RL things like work annoyances and doing my taxes for […]