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Adoni – a learning curve

My character Machalor got rid of her deviate coiler hatchling in favor for a springpaw stalker. The only problem? Springpaws can only be found at level 7 at their highest. Machalor was level 22. And so began the long leveling process.

I found out quickly that killing other level 7 mobs gave the springpaw no experience whatsoever. Mania from Petopia confirmed this (unfortunately I didn’t read this until after but hey, what can you do?). So I then had to find a good place to level the little red kitty.

I soon discovered the area around Camp Taurajo was ideal for this; thunderheads (level 20-21) in particular. They stay at a distance where my ranged attacks are more powerful than melee and for whatever reason, they caused very little damage to me. The experience my pet was getting was also good.

A mod called PetExp2 made this process a lot easier. It displays lines in the chat that look like this:

Pet: +[exp from kill] – [current exp] of [total exp need to get to next lvl] to [next lvl] ([exp left to next lvl]) ([approximate repetitions needed to next lvl])

If that doesn’t make much sense, seeing a screenshot should help. The main thing I’m trying to point out is the approximate repetitions that it outputs. It basically shows how many more thunderheads I needed to kill for my springpaw to get to the next level. Very handy, especially if you’re sick and tired of the whole process and then you see that you only have 6 more mobs to kill. After all, it is only 6 more mobs, right?

Another fun part for me was naming my springpaw. Now, I usually like to give my pets meaningful names. Such as Nicora‘s ghost saber named Tonrar, which is Inuit for “ghost”. But with this character, I had been giving my pets funnier names, such as Crikey the crocolisk and Sliver the windserpent (apparently a sliver is a Terry Pratchet creature that looks like a windserpent). So I was going to name my new pet Twitch, because his huge ears are always moving like he’s on crack or something. Then I found the name Adoni, which is Australian Aboriginal for “sunset”. So I named him that. Then my fiance said he liked Twitch better, because “he sounds like someone you can relate to”. Then I regretted my decision. Then I found out that not even GMs can change pet names. *Sigh* Oh well. Adoni, it is then, because I am NOT leveling ANOTHER springpaw.