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I suppose a good place to start with this blog is with why I like the hunter class so much. I think the first most appealing thing to me is the pets. I LOVE the pets part. I get to go out into the wilderness, track down the one particular pet that I want, and then tame it. And so begins the long but satisfying journey to bond with it until we are the best of friends, protecting and taking care of one another. As they say, half a hunter’s character is their pet. And yes, it does get to the point where I get very very pissed off when someone or something kills my pet.

My pet is not a demon that I summoned and use by bending its will. My pet is a loyal friend who would protect me as fiercely as I protect it and we have become that way through a difficult process. I know there are some people who find this strange but I get into my characters (it is a role-playing game after all) and I know that I am not the only one. I’ve heard of hunters spending hours to tame the one particular pet that they love, and taking the time to bring an old pet back to its home territory before releasing it because they wanted it to be happy after they were gone.

Pets are a major (and unique) part of being a hunter but tracking has to come in as my second favourite hunter ability. It has proved invaluable for navigating through tough mobs, as well as picking and choosing which mobs I’m looking for/want to hunt. Whenever I’m playing another class, I constantly find myself saying, “Damn, I wish I could track beasts right now.”

Next is the combination of being able to use a gun/bow, auto-shot, and various gun/bow related spells like Multi-shot. My play style is that I like to pull mobs. And there’s no better puller than a hunter. There’s something about being able to pick off a target before it even gets close enough to touch me that I enjoy 🙂

Two hunter-only abilities finish off this list: Aspect of the Cheetah and Feign Death. Travelling at 30% more speed than most of the other characters at your level sure makes me feel more superior 🙂 And Feign Death is really good in helping to keep the aggro on my pet instead of me. (He has like 3 times more armor than I have. He can handle it.)