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Patch 2.2.0, how I loathe thee

I will admit that patch 2.2.0 does have it’s pros, like dash for raptors. But I don’t know if there is anything that can make up for what we are losing: the dismiss-and-tame bug. If you’re a hunter and you haven’t heard of this before, use a lot before it’s gone. What happens is that you can dismiss your current pet and tame another pet without having to stable or abandon your initial one. Even if you don’t tame random creatures that you come across and decide that you want, it is extremely useful when getting that temporary pet to learn new skills.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s when your cat reaches level 16 and can now learn Claw 3. So you run to Loch Modan with your Fluffy and as soon as you see a black bear patriarch, you dismiss Fluffy and tame the bear. Once you’ve learned Claw 3, you head back to a stable master, abandon the bear, shuffle your pets around a bit, and then Fluffy is once again by your side. So simple, so easy.

*sigh* Bug or not, this little trick is incredibly useful for any hunter. Oh, how I will miss thee.