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Pink flamingos

So some reason Aithne was not happy with her ravager and dragonhawk pets. She needed…something unique, something with character. Which is why I love Petopia. You can see all the pets beforehand. So anyways, I was browsing it and found Mazzranache. Now I’m not a fan of pink. In fact I hate pink. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it or anywhere in my possessions. But for some reason, this tallstrider appealed to me and I had never seen it before. I had to have it.

I abandoned my dragonhawk and made the long trip to Mulgore. I knew where to find Mazz from Thottbot but took forever for him to actually show up. I don’t know if someone had just killed him or what but I waited for an hour where he’s suppose to cross the road and then logged off in frustration. I came back on later that night and ran from the road to very eastern point that he’s suppose to be and then all the way back to the road. I was about to the road when I sighted him, quickly dismissed my ravager that I took along for the ride, and tamed him. I have yet to name him but I think I may just stick with Mazzranache because it’s such a unique name.

Here’s Aithne and her very own living pink flamingo: