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Snarler! We love you, Snarler…

Yes, it finally happened. I have tamed Snarler! HOOOORRRRAAAAYYYY!

Okay, so it actually happened like a week ago but I’ve been busy moving into a new apartment and I was too lazy to get the screenshot of my new pet off one of my work computers…but without further ado, here are Nicora and Snarler, enjoying a beautiful evening on a Tanaris beach:

Taming him wasn’t as difficult as I expected. Really, it took like maybe 10 minutes after I had dinged level 42. When I was a few kills away from level 42, I headed over to the Lariss Pavilion north of Camp Mojache because I knew he would walk by there every so often. Well, every so often turned out to be very often. At least every 10 minutes. In fact, there was about 5 times when I actually had to move out of his path so he didn’t attack me before I had to tame him. So right after I hit 42, I dismissed my black worg, sat down at the Pavillion “entrance”, and waited for him to stroll past. I have to admit, I was actually nervous and my heart was beating a little faster than normal. I really wanted this wolf.

He walked by, I got within taming distance and started the process. A couple seconds in, he disappears. Crap! I had forgot that he does that. He comes back again and this time I put Hunter’s Mark on him before taming. 15 seconds later, poof, he’s mine. It almost felt too easy. I suppose I was lucky as a troll in Camp T said as I was walking past him (paraphrased):

Troll: Hey, you tamed Snarler.
Me: Yep.
Troll: I had to camp for 2 hours to get him.
Me (smiling smugly at the computer): Took me like 5 minutes.
Troll: Lucky.
Troll: Someone killed him before I got there and I had to wait for the respawn.
Me (not feeling so superior now): Ah.
Troll: Well, take care.
Me: You too.

I’m just glad I didn’t have to wait 2 hours. So take this as some advice when trying to tame Snarler: Go to the Lariss Pavilion and wait for him to walk past. If you wait longer than 15-20 minutes without him going by, come back a couple hours later.

Oh, and don’t forget Hunter’s Mark. /blush

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