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Ding for Brighit! and misc. stuff

Brighit actually reached level 20 quite a while ago but that’s another story. I decided that she would look awesome on a horse mount so she went to Elwynn Forest and Westfall and did every quests she could find there. Her reputation is now Honored with Stormwind and is at least higher than what she had with Darnassus. I consider that a good sign because she had been doing quite a few quests on Darkshore. However, Exalted is still a looong ways away. She is doing quests on Redridge now, which will not only boost her Stormwind rep but it’s also an area I have never been to before so there’s new stuff for me to experience.

So now Jorthwyn and Fhionn are the last two that need to be levelled to 20. These two are the last probably because they are the least favorite of my characters and they’re both in Darkshore, which is not the most interesting area IMO. But I still like playing them and eventually they will be played.

As a side note, I haven’t been posting much for a number of reasons. School takes up a good chunk of my week and the rest of the time has been spent actually playing the game. Normally, I would post on the weekend when I’m working but things have actually picked up there and I spend most of the time running back and forth serving whiny kids and potheads. (That’s what I get for working at a gaming place.) For the record, working in retail is the best birth control ever. After spending 26 hours a week dealing with kids who have the attention span of a goldfish, I sure don’t want any myself. And added on to all of this, the one website that I’ve created and update for a small business has been flooding me with updates. Yeah, so now I’m going to catch up on everything and you’ll get a flurry of posts to read 🙂