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Re: Experiment Time!

So, Someone posted the email I wrote him (all spelling errors included…d’oh!) and gave me a place to start in this whole thing. You can read the whole post yourself, as it is pretty long but he did a very thorough job of answering my question.

The game plan is to create a mod that merely collects data, no formulas or charts or anything. That I can all do later.  It will collect info like hunter level, pet level, mob level, length of battle, etc.

I’m hoping it won’t be too terribly complicated. I downloaded Someone’s Focus mod and took a look at the code…now I remember why I don’t like computer programming 🙂 But I will give it my best effort nonetheless.

Once I’m done it, I’m hoping to rope a couple of hunters into using it for me so I don’t have to collect all the data myself…he he he.