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All the weirdos are out

I had some very strange experiences this weekend with other players. Now, it was Thanksgiving in the USA (here in Canada, we had it a month ago) so I’m maybe wondering if that had something to do with it?

Let’s start of with a very “special” level 40-something blood elf hunter that I met on Hydraxis realm that I will refer to as “John”. Khaja was in Orgrimarr selling her wares when I noticed John asking numerous times on trade chat where to buy a mount. Everyone else seemed to be ignoring him so I decided to be helpful and asked him what kind of mount he was looking for. This lead to a rather confusing conversation paraphrased here (I talk in all lowercase in the game just because it’s faster to type):

John: i want a black horse
Khaja: do you mean the flaming ones?
John: yeah
Khaja: That’s a mount only warlocks can get
John: no, I mean the one with the skirt
Khaja: skirt? do you mean the armored horses? those are paladin-only mounts.
John: no, there’s these other ones that have a sort of skirt…meet me and i’ll show them to you.

Despite him being in Undercity, I agree to go. As I’m travelling, he’s stunned to realize that Khaja’s only level 17 and quickly asks if this is my main. Of course, my answer is “no”, not that it really matters what level I am. He also keeps saying stuff like “i’m waiting here. where are you???” despite the fact that it takes several minutes to get to Undercity. Once I get there, I follow him into Undercity and watch him run around trying to find the elusive skirted horse mount. After a couple minutes he says that he can’t seem to find one but he’s gonna keep looking. Then suddenly he whispers me with “i have to go bye” and logs instantly, leaving me all alone in Undercity. Luckily, I had a quest to complete nearby anyways so I shrug and go about my business.

Later, I’m playing Aithne. And guess who’s online asking questions on trade again? Yep, it’s good old John. This time he’s asking if there are any white tigers available below level 43. Now this I will admit is a very valid question that not everyone knows the answer to. I check Petopia to be sure and indeed there are no white tigers tamable under level 43. I tell him that, he says “ok” and that’s the end of that.

Cue the next day where I’m now playing Nicora and I had just finished all of my Stranglethorn quests. I have a ton of stuff to sell on the AH so I’m in Grom’gol heading toward the zeppelins to get back to Orgrimarr. Just as I’m running into the inn, someone I had barely noticed sitting on the ground asks me to wait. I stop and look, only to see John sitting there. He says to be that he’s only has 4 bars to the next level and can I please help him level up? I spend a good minute staring at him, debating as to whether I should or not. Finally the nice side of me wins and I say yes. We mount up (yes, he managed to find a mount all by himself) and start off. We’re barely outside Grom’gol when he asks me if I know where to complete a certain quest, one that I must have done a while ago because I don’t remember. I tell him that and he just says “let’s do a quest you know then”. I just look at him and say I don’t know which quests you have. He replies “just pick any quest you know”. It’s at this point that I think of the thousands of quests available in the game, how I do not want to scour my brain for the few that I do remember how to complete, and how this is so not worth my time. So I do something that I have never done before: I fake a disconnect. I exit the game as quickly as possible and don’t log back on for a good half hour, just to make it really look like I was having internet problems. Turns out that when I did try to log back in is when the login problems were happening. In a way, it’s a double-edged sword. If I ever see him again, I can just say that it was the technical problems that made me disconnect. However, I wasn’t able to play WoW for most of the night and ended up playing Final Fantasy XI with my boss’ friends because they needed an extra person. I guess that’s a little bit of karma coming back to bite me in the rear end.

For some reason, last night I attracted another weirdo. I was playing Khaja again, trying to get her as close to level 20 as I could. I was battling harpies in the Barrens and trying not to die due to an elite harpy that likes to hang around there and attack me when I least expect it. I had been getting group invites all evening, which I can only guess came from spammers because no one was ever around me when I got the invites. So I would just decline the invite and that would be that. Until after cancelling a particular one, suddenly I get a whisper from the person (who shall be called Owen):

Owen: please accept my invite
Khaja: why should I? *thinking at this point that this is a particularly insistent spammer*
Owen: please just accept please
Khaja: give me one good reason why I should.
Owen: i want to see your hp
Khaja: it’s 470
Owen: please accept, i want to see something else
Khaja: that’s not a good enough reason
Owen: PLEASE accept pleeeeeeease

At this point I’m trying to fight a normal harpy just as the elite shows up so it stop his whining, I accept the invite and manage to barely survive the fight. I’m sitting down tending to my wounds when Owen says this to me: “ha ha, i could so pwn you! you are so weak! seriously, what kind of gear are you wearing? lol”

You know that phrase “if looks could kill”? That’s the expression I had on my face at that moment. I had just barely avoided a trip to the graveyard because I had to deal with your stupid whining and group invites and so you decide to mock me?!?!

/ignore Owen

This is another thing I had never done before. Honestly, every one of my characters had had a blank Ignore list. I hadn’t even ignored the freak that came up and /licked me when I was only a few minutes into my first character, a night elf druid.

I’ve been plotting my revenge ever since. I was thinking of logging onto Nicora and inviting him into a dungeon run, only to leave him behind to die. He he he. It’s rather mean so I don’t know if I’ll go through with it.

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