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Stay away from da voodoo

I promised that I would introduce my new character and so I’ve actually been putting off other posts just because of that. So without further ado, here is Khaja, my troll hunter:

Why did I create yet another hunter (making this lucky #7)? Well, I had several reasons for this. Troll was the only race left that I had not created a hunter for and I wanted to see how their racial abilities worked; there were still pets that I wanted to tame and try out; and I just had the hankering to create another one.

One thing I love about the trolls is their accent. I’m not even sure what it is (I’m guessing something like Jamaican) but it’s awesome. When I created Khaja, I wanted her name to reflect that. I tried out the WoW Name Generator tool and although it came up with some really great names, none of them really fit for what I wanted. Then I remember that the WoW machinama Redshift had a female troll character in it. And so I basically ripped off the name: Khaja. But it’s so short and sweet.

Khaja had original started off with a black-and-red scorpid. Scorpids look really cool when someone else has one or when they’re wondering around in the wild but after I tame them…I don’t know, they seem to lack personality.

So then she got Blit the deviate coiler hatchling from WC. I’m not exactly sure why I called him that. I was trying to find what the word “lightning” is in Afrikaans and somehow I ended up with Blit. /shrug

Anyways, she’s already level 15, which I attribute to the improved leveling process. At this rate (that is if I keep playing her exclusively), she’ll probably be level 20 by the weekend. But only time will tell.