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Waiting to get on…

I was hoping that the realms would be back up and ready to go by 1pm my time (which is 11am PST and usually when server maintenance is done) but apparently it’s taking long than usual and now they’re saying 3pm. So I’m waiting. I’ve already read all of my RSS feeds and I think I’m too eager for the new patch to write a post here of real any substance. I’ve been trying to post some stuff on the WoW Forums but apparently so is everyone else because the thing is as slow as molasses.

Here’s Hynjoku’s patch notes for hunters. And Mania updated Petopia for the patch a couple days ago because she had to go to San Fransico for work and couldn’t be available otherwise.

The Delusional Hunter made a post about a three part guide that the Egotistical Priest wrote about how to make it work in a new guild. …That wasn’t convoluted at all 🙂

Still waiting….

Since the WoW Forums aren’t playing nicely (I can’t even stay logged in for some reason), I think I’ll use this time to update the Hunter’s Mark website. Then I’ll need to head over to work to update the WoW computers with the new patch. Did I never mention that I work part-time at a video console gaming centre, that we have 6 very nice computers with WoW on them, and that I’m basically the go-to person in the place for anything WoW or computer-related? If you’re ever in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and have a hankering for some pwnage, look me up and I’m sure I can get you a deal 😀