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How anyone can tame anywhere

This is a quick little guide for how a hunter can tame just about anything anywhere. It was inspired by the popularity that I’ve been getting from my Horde taming on Azuremyst post.

Now let’s say you have your pet-to-be already picked out and you’re rarin’ to go. Oh, you actually don’t know what you want? Go to Petopia, now. Really, I mean it, go.

Anyways, so now you’ve chosen your pet. Basically you need to know three things to tame it: where it is, where you are, and how to get from where you are to where it is.

The first one’s pretty easy. On Petopia, Mania’s linked all the pet to Thottbot so you can see where they are found. Or if you wish, you could use WoWHead as well.

The second one’s easy as well. I should hope that you know where your character is but if you don’t, just press ‘M’ in-game to pop up the map and you’ll see the name of area that you’re in.

Now…the tricky part. You have to travel between where you are and where the pet is. Sometimes you don’t even have to leave the zone you’re in. Other times you have to travel across the world and into dangerous and unknown territories.

What I recommend is to get Cartographer. It’s a mod that does a whole bunch of things with the map but one feature in particular we need here: “foglight”. What Cartographer does is show the areas that you haven’t actually explored yet. The journey is a lot easier when you can see where roads and towns (or lack of them) are located. There are apparently other mods that do the same thing but I’ve never felt the urge to change from Cartographer and it’s the one that a lot of people swear by. I sure do.

A little tip when using Cartographer to figure out where you’re going: if you didn’t already know, you can right-click on your in-game map to zoom out and from there you can see a larger area. Same works with Cartographer. All you have to do is zoom out far enough to be able to zoom in (left click) to the zone you want to go to. I also use this to map the route I’ll be taking.

Now let’s say you know the coordinates from Thottbot or WoWHead but you have no idea how to use them. There are many ways to utilize them but the simplist way would be to get Suki’s MiniMap Coords. It’s a tiny, tiny mod that displays your current coordinates on your minimap. That’s all. But now you have a reference as to where you are and where your pet will be and you can close that distance. And remember that those coordinates are for that zone only, not for the entire world of Azeroth.

Don’t want to download any mods? Well, is at your disposal. It’s definitely not as helpful as the mods would be but if you’re able to wrap your brain around it and navigate while trying to run, it certainly is possible to use.

Oh, you have to run through an area you can’t possibly survive, like a town of the opposite faction or a zone that’s way too high level for you? All you have to do is die and stay dead. What you want to do is called ghost travelling or ghost walking or all sorts of other names. Basically you die and don’t resurrect. You then run as a ghost all the way to where you want to be (you can even travel on boats and zeppelins that you couldn’t before). Once you reach your intended zone, you have to find a graveyard that you can resurrect at. But before you do, log off and log back in again. This is crucial. Otherwise you’ll end up back to the zone you started in and will have to do it all over again. So once you’ve done that, you can talk to the spirit healer and ask to be alive again. You will appear in your body right in front of her. And then you can jaunt off after your pet, preferably after the resurrection sickness wears off.

Another thing I recommend doing is to read the comments on Thottbot or WoWHead for the pet, because sometimes they have tips or strategies for taming that particular beast.

If you’re taming a particularly difficult animal, see if you can get some Magic Dust if you’re Alliance or Slumber Sand if you’re Horde. They work miracles, I tell ya, and have saved my butt numerous times. Or of course use a frost trap if you have it.

Even if you don’t have any of these tricks, pulling the mob in with Concussive Shot will give you precious more seconds to complete the tame. (Thanks inaxdaze!)

Oh, one more thing…it might be a good idea to be Tracking Beasts when you go searching. Hey, it’s just an idea. 🙂