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I haven’t been wasting all that time in WoW

Nicora has reached level 50 and now wants a Black War Wolf when she hits level 60. She’ll have to do a few battlegrounds for it but it’s worth it for a mount that matches Blacky! (And she won’t have to spend 100g on it)

Khaja is now level 20 and I can officially cross the “get all characters to 20” off my list and add “get all characters to 30”. That went so much faster than the others did. Thanks once again to Blizzard for increasing the quest rewards. Honestly I think that my Alliance characters will always be behind my Horde ones. They’re just not as fun to play, maybe because all of the great people I’ve meet are Horde-side. For the Horde!!!

Khaja tamed a new pet. More specifically, a bear. A diseased bear. Never in my life did I think I would do that. I’ve never been fond of bears or the diseased/undead look. Yet…he fits Khaja somehow. He’s grown on me. If only I could think of a name. I sent him over to Mania’s Name That Pet feature but it was right after the first one she did so she probably doesn’t want to do another right away.

So if there are anyone out there (c’mon, I know you guys are lurking in the shadows), please give me a suggestion for his name. Here’s a pic of him and Khaja: