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More Linkage!

I found two more blogs that have linked to me so they get special recognition (and a place on my blogroll) for spreading the Petoholism!

WoW: In the Red – Playing a hunter on a high latency internet connection
Chronicles of Undermine – Life and times of a Holy Pally and her guild on a low population server

I honestly don’t know why a pally blog is linking to me but hey, I still love them for doing it! If you have a blog/website that you’ve linked to me but you’re not on my blogroll list, please give me a shout so I can put you up there! I won’t know unless you tell me.

I once again apologize for the lack of posts. I actually have a ton to write about (including the next installment of A Newbie’s Life) but I’ve been sick with a cold that’s been making me very tired. Some nights I’ve slept for 11 hours and I’m still tired when I wake up. 🙁 So more to come, I promise!