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Observations on pet skills

I wrote two posts on learning pet skills before and although I haven’t created any addons for collecting information, I have been watching the process more carefully. One instance really made me rethink the entire thing.

I was having a hard time picking out a good pet for Khaja so I decided to try taming a fleeting plainstrider, which know Cower 1. For a soloer like me, Cower is basically useless so I deactivated it and then took it off my pet’s bar all together before I even killed anything. So imagine my surprise when I get a message saying that Khaja’s learned Cower 1! This certainly answers a few questions:

  • How many times the pet uses the ability doesn’t affect the learning process
  • What level the mob is probably doesn’t matter either (it’s not “practicing” it on a harder mob)
  • The distance you are away from your pet when it’s attacking doesn’t matter (I thought of this after my initial posts)
  • Whether you’re attacking the  mob or not probably doesn’t matter either (if you can learn an ability without your pet using it, why does it matter what you’re doing?)

With some general obversations, I’ve basically come to the conclusion that it’s just random. I’ve learned a higher level skill the first swipe my pet took at a mob, and other times it’s taken at least 10 minutes to learn a low level skill. I’ve tried meleeing the mob, thinking that the closer I am to my pet while attacking, the sooner I’ll learn the skill. That didn’t seem to affect the results. Neither did pet happiness.

So I’m going to go with Someone’s theory and just say that it’s completely random. It seems to fit the best.