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Taste the namebow

Well, I don’t know about everyone else but my holidays have been interesting to say in the least. With family, presents, work, and drama that would make headlines on guild chat, I’m a little worn out. All I can say is thank the Powers that I don’t go back to school until January 7th because I would have slept (or worried) right through it.

On the WoW front, things have been less busy but more funny. If you’ve read my long list of suggested names for Khaja’s bear and the title of this post, you can probably put two and two together to figure out what I decided to name him.

I asked a friend to help me choose because there were so many good ones and when we talked about the name Skittles, the more we said, the more we laughed about it. He of course thought that Khaja’s little pet was as ugly as sin and felt it was suitably ironic to name him after the brightly coloured candy. We were practically rolling on the floor laughing at the thought of Khaja sweetly saying “Want to see my cutey-wootey pet Skittles?” and then summoning this creature that looks like it’s the spawn of the devil. The wonderful emote “Taste the rainbow, b*tches!” was also a deciding factor for choosing the name (oh, how we laughed and laughed).

Having finally decided this, I open the dialog box to give the bear his name, type it in and press Accept…only I get an error message saying that I can’t do it. What the….? I try again, same error message. My only guess is that Blizzard has a filter for certain copyright names like Skittles. It can’t be duplicate names because at one point, I had two pets that had the same name at the same time. …Well, that sort of ruins it. Of course by now, Skittles is the only name that I want so my friend and I desperately start thinking of some alternative spellings. The only thing we can come up with that will satisfy me is Skittels, which is close enough to the original name that people should recognize it but will get past the filter.

So, I present to you Khaja the troll and her companion Skittels the bear. He he he…I’m making that emote into a macro as soon as possible.

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