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Hi’s, Goodbye’s, and Updates

I’ve sort of been taking a break from WoW, just logging on here and there but mostly I’ve been watching TV and movies (Cloverfield FTW!). I even found my Neverwinter Nights 2 CD buried in my brother’s room (because he has the only computer in the apartment that can handle NWN2) and started playing it again. Why am I doing this? After the whole fiasco with the ghost wolf, I’m feeling a little worn out with the game. I’m not completely leaving it, Blizzard hasn’t pissed me off that much. Let’s just consider it a separation. 🙂

On that note, I’d like to say farewell to Someone, who will be sorely missed but I wish good luck to nonetheless.

This leads me to welcome two more to my blog roll, both of whom have tried linking to me under the radar but I discovered them nonetheless:

Altitis – The Sandbox of yet another unfocused World of Warcraft player, with a slight paladin slant.

Kinless’ Chronicles – Another altaholic who has been blogging since December 2005! That’s a really long time ago.

/wave to you both

Pretty much the only character update I can give is that Khaja has reached level 25 and has tamed Washte Pawne. I forgot to take a pic of the two of them and I’m at school right now so it will have to wait until I get home. Edit: Finally got the pic up. He still needs a name but I’m starting to like him. Lightning Breath is taking some getting used to because it actually pulls the mob closer to you than it would if your pet didn’t have it.

Khaja and Windserpent

For the most part, I’ve been playing my new character who I have yet to reveal. I really should do that soon, considering she’s level 23 already. 😛 Yes, I know, yet another one but hey, I’m an altaholic. I need to feed my addiction.