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How you know you’re been spending too much time on the Internet…

I should be sleeping right now, I really should. You know what I’m actually doing? Typing in stuff related to this blog on Google.

Did you know that you can type “petoholics” into just about any search engine and this blog comes up first? I’m getting noticed and it feels so good! Although it rather disheartening when Google says “Did you mean ‘petaholics’?”

And while searching, I also found three more blogs that link to me. Mwah ha ha ha, I told you that I would find you and I did. There is no escape from me…

Wow, that sounded really stalker-ish.

Troll on a PowerBookA huntaholic, petaholic, and altaholic mashing buttons on a Mac G4 laptop—no mouse, no problem.

Have Bow, Will Travel – A WoW Hunter’s Blog of Mishaps and Misadventures

Constrictor’s Hunter Page – A Portuguese blog that apparently will be about this guy taming every single pet and learning every single pet skill. That’s quite an endeavour he’s undertaking…hopefully I’ll be able to keep track of his progress with Google’s translator because I do not know a lick of Portuguese! (I have nine years of high school French under my belt and I still can’t understand French so Portuguese is a lost cause for me)

At least Rayare knows my pain of playing WoW on a laptop, although I do use a mouse and I try to avoid playing on my laptop as much as possible, due to it being 5 years old and running horribly horribly slow. We will have to have a chat about the term “petaholic” instead of “petoholic”. I think I’m going to have to start a petition or something.

Oh, and that little orange cat that stares at you every time you come to this blog. I’ve named him Twitch and he is now the official mascot of Petoholics Anonymous. Why Twitch? If you’re asking then apparently you’ve never watched the ears of a springpaw.

….Yes, it is definitely time to sleep now.