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I rolled the wrong class too

I saw this article about how someone had no idea what they were doing when they first started playing WoW and rolled a character of a class that they discovered they didn’t like.

No no no, I don’t mean that I was hugely mistaken by rolling 7 hunters. I love my hunters and always will. I’m talking about my first every character: Tiama the night elf druid.

I was brand new to the game, on one of those 10 trial things. My Mr. Paladin had convinced me to try it out so I figured what the heck, I have 10 days to try it out. He was Alliance on Nazgrel so I pretty much had to roll that. The night elves looked good because I liked the elves in Neverwinter Nights. The druid class looked good because I liked the druid class best in NWN. As you know, NWN is my all-time favorite game (up there with WoW) so I compare pretty much every other game to it. Anyways, Tiama was born.

She appears in this beautiful forest and I take a moment to absorb the sights. As Tiama’s standing there, a male NE runs up to me, /licks me, and runs away. Even if I had known any emotes at this point to respond with, I was too stunned to get a response in before he disappeared. Mr. Paladin whispers to me that he’s on his way to meet me. I whisper him back about the weirdo. He finds it hilarious.

While waiting for him, I run about trying to kill things and dying often. It takes me a couple minutes to figure out which spells are instacast and which take time. In the meantime, some other random NE male walks up to Tiama and asks if I want to cyber. This time I’m prepared and give him a hearty slap across the face. He laughs and challenges me to a duel. I decline it without a word and run over to another spot to kill something. He follows me and starts killing my mobs. Great way to start off a game. I also learned that by rolling a NE female, you automatically attract every pervert in the game.

Mr. Paladin finally shows up, helps me with a couple quests, and then takes me to Darnassus. I’m completely lost in here and just follow him everywhere he goes. He’s giving me the grand tour of where everything is but I forget it all as soon as he’s told me. Then he tells me to take the tailoring/enchanting profession combo. Well, I really don’t want to. But he manages to convince me to take them and then hands me a bunch of crap to disenchant. He then scoffs at the horrible enchants I can do. Of course, they’re all low level so of course they’re of no use to him (I believe he was in the level 20-30 range). He then runs off to do his own thing, leaving me all along.

Over the next couple days, I log back onto Tiama and struggle through leveling. I know that I can change shapes once I get to level 10 so I’m really eager to get there. This whole process might have been a lot easier if I had known about WoWHead or something at the time but I didn’t.

Tiama is covered with old scars by the time she gets to level 10 but she made it. She runs off to Darnassus as soon as possible. I rush through the required quest to get my shape-changing abilities…oh, a bear. Um, okay. Where are all the other forms? …Oh, I have to wait until level 16 to get my seal form, level 20 to get my cat form…

I stare for a long moment at the frail Tiama, wondering how I’m going to get her all the way to those levels. I try Bear form out on a couple mobs…great, melee-only form. I picked a druid to be a caster/melee hybrid like in Neverwinter Nights! You know, where you can do both at the same time.

In my frustration, I log off, find a random server, and decide to create a character of my very own. Not this has-to-be-Alliance-tailor-enchanter crap.

The taurens appeal to me for some reason. They’re not your usual playable fantasy race and I like the look of them and the gentle-giant appearance. I choose the hunter class because it seems like a good choice, sort of like how ranger was always my second favorite class in NWN. The random name generator comes up with ‘Nicora’ and I like it. I press the Create button…

Suddenly I’m this giant yet graceful creature. I can kill things from a distance and I can stand up to more than a night elf ever could. Mulgore is no pretty forest but something about the open plains calls to me. Nicora is looking a lot better than Tiama.

With Nicora, I plow through the first 10 levels with ease. Then comes the time of greatness for a hunter…to venture out into the wild and tame a companion for my very own. It was then that I knew that I loved this class. No amount of shape-changing could compare to having a beast at my side, fighting next to me tooth and claw, playfully chewing on the food that I fed to it. And heaven forbid that any unfortunate creature would slay my companion, for then the last thing they would hear is a mighty tauren roar in anger for the loss of her friend, and the last thing they would see is the barrel of her gun or the blade of her axe.

I am Hunter. Hear me roar!