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More thoughts on end game

So…I apparently managed to cause quite a stir with my previous post about not being eager to reach level 70. First of all, I want to say that if I offended anyone, I’m sorry. And I wasn’t really mad at anyone either (even you Pelides 🙂 . Mainly, I was just ranting in general about how some people like to force an ideal on you, like getting to level 70 as quickly as possible.

Now, apparently there are some people who play the game like me, some who have come to enjoy the end game, and yet others who rushed to level 70 because the end game is specifically what they wanted. Before, when I had been reading blog posts about raiding and such, I got the impression that I was somehow less of a player because I didn’t have that mind set. I’m an explorer by nature and I like to see everything in the game. Also, something that has carried over from the RPGs that I usually play is that reaching the end means…well, the end. In RPGs, once the storyline is finished and you’re all decked out in the greatest gear, the credits roll and that’s it. I was always sad when it ended, especially if it was a particularly good storyline that I was really into.

The point is though, that I have found that just because most people really enjoy the end game and like to get there fast, doesn’t mean that they expect me to get there fast as well. Okay, yeah, there will always be those that force their ideals onto me but meh, I can ignore them.

So hopefully no hard feelings and I wish everyone a good time at whatever they do, be it raiding, PvPing, exploring, RPing…or just whatever. 🙂