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Why I’m taking my sweet time getting to level 70

I’ve been playing Nicora for a looooong time. Other people would have her to level 70 by now. And those people have looked at me quizzically and asked why the heck haven’t I been playing her. Do I want to get to level 70? Yes, eventually. But I’m in no big rush. Here’s why:

  1. What on earth am I going to do once I reach level 70? Raid? I don’t like dungeons in the first place and even if I did, there’s no way I could meet all the requirements needed to raid. You want me to give up my Blacky the wolf for some cat or ravager? Let me put it to you this way…touch my wolf and die. I’m probably way too attached to a bunch of pixels but people have also told me that I’m way too attached to animals. I am who I am and I’m not giving up my pup to go to some dank dungeon. That’s what other people like and that’s fine. It’s just not my cup of tea…like in the same way I’ll only drink water and milk and would never touch any soda pop or coffee (I’m weird that way).
  2. There is PvP but that’s not something I enjoy doing full time and I can do it at any level, not just level 70.
  3. Yes, I want stuff like a flying mount and a ghost wolf but they aren’t urgent things. They can wait.
  4. I am an incurable altaholic. If I was only playing Nicora, I would get burnt out real quick. It’s different in say a game like Neverwinter Nights, where you’re constantly progressing and moving through the storyline smoothly. Grinding is not a fun task. So I change it up to keep myself interested.
  5. I see the game as something to be enjoyed. Which to me means exploring all the content and doing as many quests as I can. Minus dungeons of course 🙂 Again, why I have my alts.
  6. Really, I just don’t seem to have a lot of time. I’m going to school full-time, working part-time (like 30 hours a week, mainly on weekends), and then there’s this blog and all the other blogs that I read and other little hobbies…I really don’t know how everyone else keeps up with it.

Now, this isn’t directed at anyone in the WoW community but rather people I know IRL who play WoW. For some reason, those are the people who bug me about it, especially my significant other who has just recently started playing again after about 4 months of WoW burn-out. He’ll play for hours and ding another level practically every day and tells me…every…day. Surprisingly though, due to all the time I spend outside WoW doing WoW-related stuff (like reading all those blogs), I sometimes know more about the game than he does. I sure has heck knew more about gem sockets and flying mounts than he did the other night, and I haven’t even gotten Nicora high enough to experience that stuff. Take that Mr. Level-64-Human-Paladin-who-refuses-to-play-anything-but-his-Human-Paladin. 😛