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Anu’s Story: “One who hunts for food or knowledge”

My braids tumble to the ground, landing with a muffled thump on the beaten dirt. It feels strange to suddenly be free of their weight. I pick them up and roll them in my hands, feeling the coarse hairs rub against one another. I hear a soft huff and look up to see my mother staring at me, her sharp dagger still in her hand. Her face showed a mixture of emotions that I can’t even begin to decipher.

I slowly and purposefully hand her one of the braids. Not mine any longer, just a length of woven fawn-coloured hair. She places it into one of her pouches and sheaths her knife. The steps we take over to the fire we have built are silent, yet echo with the ritual that we follow. The remaining braid hangs limp in my hand. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see her staring beyond the fire to something I cannot see. She may be remembering my own ritual…or maybe my father’s.

A strong breeze suddenly stirs the fire, the flames spiralling upwards to lick at the night sky. My mother smiles quietly to herself. I throw the braid into the fire, watching it glow as it catches and then quickly turn into a small pile of ashes.

There’s a flash of silver as my mother reaches up to her left horn. As I turn to her, I notice that the silver ring is gone from her horn, the one that my father gave her so many years ago. I try not to show my surprise as she fastens it to my own horn. Then she grasps my hands in hers, the two of us facing one another. She shows a smile that’s forlorn and amused at the same time.

“Go with the Earthmother, my Anuniaq,” she says in Taurahe. There is such mischief in her eyes. “And if any of those frail undead or elves give you troubles, I will bring Her wrath down on them so hard…” All I can do is laugh in response.

This is my introduction to my 8th and newest hunter, Anuniaq. I created her because after reading other hunters enjoying the roleplaying aspects of the game, I wanted to experience them as well. Any post that’s title begins with “Anu’s Story” will be part of a larger story describing her life. This part in particular all takes place before she begins her path as a hunter. If I’m not all that great at writing these stories, I apologize. The only roleplaying I’ve ever done was in Neverwinter Nights and it wasn’t open-ended (you always had to choose from a list of possible actions). So please bare with me.

Considering Anu is now level 29, I obviously haven’t covered all that she’s been through. Those will come in future installments. I will however keep her character’s page relatively up-to-date.

I know, I know…yet another hunter for me but Anu is my eighth and eight is a lucky number of mine so I’m hoping that she’ll be the last. I’m getting a little tired of keeping track of them all 😛