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First Someone, now Hawk and Pelides. It really is sad to see all these wonderful people leave the game and their blogs. I really do enjoy reading them (if I didn’t then I wouldn’t 🙂 ) and I will miss their expertise and humor.  Luckily Hawk’s still going to hang around the blogging community (yay) but she won’t be logging into WoW so I can’t just randomly show up in game to surprise her (aww).

Oh well, not much that I can do except wish them well in their lives and congratulate them from getting over Warcrack. For me, I don’t do that many things (and truth be told, I like it that way) so WoW doesn’t interfere with much. It’s something I still enjoy and I don’t really care that I “waste” so much time on it. Really, what else am I going to do? Go to the bar? Alcohol is yucky. 😛 My life is comfortably my own and I’ve chosen to spend a large amount of time on WoW because…I like it. 🙂 If it ever becomes not fun for me, I’ll give it up and join everyone else back in the real world.