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I’m a fool

You know that wonderful schedule I had going where I would take a nap after school and then play with Xion late into the night? …Well, it got me sick. >.< The cold weather we’ve had recently probably gave it to me but the lack of sleep certainly hasn’t helped.

I’ve had this nasty cold for the past week that has left me coughing mostly and generally feeling tired. Last night was the worst so far, where I couldn’t stay asleep even for an hour at a time before waking up in a coughing fit. Finally at 4 am, I stumbled out of bed, downed a bottle of Buckley’s Nighttime, and actually managed to pass out until 7 am when I had to get up for school. That stuff sure does work. Too bad I’m always hesitant to take it because it tastes so bad it makes my eyes water. And silly me has not slowed down on my late nights with Xion. His little BE paladin on Hydraxis is now level 31. Khaja joined him in leveling for a while and that’s how she went from level 25 to 27 in one night. Mostly I’ve been running him through quests on Nicora. I think I’ll pull out Machalor and Snickers to level along with him. That poor orc-hyena duo has been neglected ever since Machalor tamed Snickers in the Scarlet Monastery.

Nicora, by the way, has reached level 53 and has almost completed all the quests in Tanaris and Feralas and still needs to do ALL the quests in the Hinterlands. I grabbed a bunch of those last night when I realized that Blacky still didn’t have Dash 3. Off Nicora went to tame a Vilebranch Raiding Wolf, grabbing a level 50 turtle as her trash pet. Despite the turtle having the latest rank of Bite, he was woefully slow at killing all the Vilebranch trolls in the ruins area. I got impatient and just mounted up and dashed through all the mobs, not really caring if I aggroed them. I finally found the Raiding Wolves, abandoned the turtle in preparation to tame and then…got attacked by a patrolling troll. It’s been a while since I’ve had to attack an enemy without a pet, especially on Nicora, but I remembered my old strategy. It includes Wing clipping and running away until I’m in shotting range, firing off a quick Concussive Shot, then unloading all the shots I can before they’re in melee range again. Lather, rinse, repeat. My health was down a little more than I’m used to but the point was I was alive…the troll was not. I then proceeded to tame the Wolf which was simple enough with a Freezing Trap. And oh how I love the damage wolves do! This little guy had the same rank of Bite that the turtle had (and Dash 3 but that doesn’t count damage-wise) and he was just tearing through those trolls like they were newspaper.

After I learned Dash 3, I taught it to Blacky and called it a night, only to end up coughing up a lung while trying to sleep of course. When both Xion and my Mr. Paladin are urging me to get more sleep, maybe I should start listening to them. 😛