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Is it that obvious?

While I was going through my 600-something new items in my Google Reader (see what happens when I go away for a while?) and I came across Pike’s You Know Your Main Is A Hunter When…

It was very amusing, and very true. I feel uncomfortable if the mob gets too close. And what do you mean imps can’t take all those hits? Isn’t it suppose to tank for me? More than once I’ve panicked because I suddenly couldn’t find ant of my up-the-sleeve tricks like Feign Death and freezing trap and OMGIAMDEAD 😛 Oh, do I ever miss tracking when I don’t have it. And yes, I do try to compensate by learning herbalism or mining but it’s just not the same. 🙁 I feel sad and jealous when I see other hunters gallivanting around with their pets and I’m not. And good lord, does it ever bother me when I see a hunter who melees on purpose, doesn’t have a pet, and/or doesn’t feed or teach new skills to their pet.

Of course, this works both ways. As evidence I bring forward the time where I was playing a little druid and Bursthoof was playing a little hunter and we were questing together. It was interesting to watch us play each other’s favorite classes…

Me: What rank of Bite does your wolf have?…What do you mean you don’t know?…Send in your pet first…for pete’s sakes, manage your shots so you don’t take aggro from your pet…DON’T RUN IN THERE AND MELEE IT!
Bursthoof: Hey, you need to buff me again…No, that buff can only be used on you…Spam Moonfire dangit…Heal…HEAL!
Me: What?!
Bursthoof: You’re a druid, you can heal yourself…and me!
Me: …oh yeah. Which is the better healing spell again?

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