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Advice needed

Blah, Mondays are no fun. Especially when another cold is creeping up on you and you stayed up a little too late playing Warsong the night before.

Nicora’s up to 20 Warsong marks now, from the 14 she had at the beginning of yesterday. She went through one battle early in the day where she did her first Call to Arms quest and got 3 marks. Then I did a couple of quests with her until she was level 59 and then I took her back to Warsong. Very, very bad idea. It’s been my experience that Horde wins the majority of the battlegrounds on my battlegroup (Emberstorm). Last night was one of those exceptions to the rule.

I went through 3 battles only for Horde to lose all of them. It was like the situations were reversed. Horde couldn’t seem to get its act together and Alliance was getting their act together. The last battle was the worst. Horde players started deserting us left and right until it was 5 on 10. If I had just been doing this for fun, I would have lost interest and probably deserted too. But I gritted my teeth because I was at least going to get my one mark. So assuming that Horde wins all the future battles that I’m in, I only have to do 4 more Warsongs. Then I’ll never have to see that place again. *crosses fingers*

After all the Warsong battles, Nicora spent some time helping a new guildie out with quests in the Western Plaguelands. During that time, another player (who is an avid roleplayer and has his main on a roleplaying server) saw that I had some roleplaying addons and began chatting with me. Eventually the conversation led me to thinking about why I even play on Hydraxis. Mr. Paladin was the one who got me into WoW and so I had created a NE druid on his server. I then decided that I didn’t like it and rerolled Nicora on a random server that happened to be Hydraxis. I really have no ties to that server. Sure, I’ve made a couple of friends along the way but I’m not very close to any of them and I only know them by their character names and they know me as “Nico”. Whereas on Moon Guard (RP server), I’ve made great friends with Bursthoof and Xion, to the point where I know their real names and talk to them outside WoW. Bursthoof is even planning to come visit me this summer.

I love all my characters for one reason or another but Nicora will always be my favorite. I try to make sure that she gets the best stuff and is taken care of before my characters. I do play solo a lot but sometimes it would be great to have someone to play with or even just chat with. And it seems as of late that I’m never online at the same time as Nicora’s guildmates. The friends I’ve made there are level 70 and they play as a couple so they have each other to keep them company. Yesterday I realized that I no longer know every guildie like I did before. All of them seem to be strangers except for the level 70 couple.

So I’m contemplating transferring Nicora to Moon Guard. There’s still things that I’m worried about, like leaving behind my guildie friends and how on earth I would roleplay with Nicora. On Moon Guard, I would still only know two people, Bursthoof and Xion. In addition, I’d feel like I’m abandoning the guild that I’ve been with for so long. Sure, I would still have Machalor, Aithne, and Khaja on Hydraxis but it wouldn’t be the same. So I ask you, my readers and lurkers, what is your advice?