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New and Improved!

I got bored and frustrated waiting for the realm maintenance to finally be over so I decided that now would be a great time to implement the new design for Petoholics that I’ve been working on. As you can see, it’s a three-column layout with 2 sidebars. It’s flexible all the way up to 1920 resolution at which point all of the header background image (the sunset) will be revealed to you. The smallest it can get while still looking normal is 1024 resolution, which is generally the minimum most people have. If you look at it in IE6 at 1024…first of all, what are you still doing using IE6? Regardless, it’ll only show up a little strange for you, something to do with IE6 doubling margins and/or padding it’s not suppose to.

The blogroll and to do list have been moved to the very bottom of every page and posts can now be viewed by category, tag, or date (archive). Other than that, it’s the good ol’ Petoholics in a shiny new package!

I must say that I’m really proud of it, having hand-coded it from the ground up and designing almost all the graphics. Twitch the springpaw came from the WoW model viewer, the sunset background is from one of Blizzard’s wallpapers, the curls at the bottom I redrew from the curls you see on some of Blizzard’s wallpapers, and the griffin on top of the menus and the corner curls were Photoshop brushes.

There are a few things that still need to be tweaked when I get a chance. But now that the realms are back online, I’m off to play for a little while. I would really appreciate any and all feedback that anyone has (love it, hate it, make a suggestion, etc.) so everyone leave a comment please!