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New WoW Name Generator

I’ve been working on updating to WordPress 2.5 (went very smoothly, thanks for asking) and tweaking the new design (like adding Gravatars to the comments). More importantly though is the second part of my project. See, this new design is a school project that where I got to choose what I would do. My instructor wanted me to focus/improve on my Flash skills. So I put those to good use and created my own online PANDA WoW name generator! I’ll tell you, it wasn’t easy but I am happy that I figured it out. The best part is that the names and their categories are completely editable so I can add new names or even species at any time with just a text editor.

So not only can you generate names for your characters but you can also suggest names to be added to the list using the form located beneath the name generator. I’d appreciate any name suggestions and shortly, I will be posting a list of the ones I require the most. If this proves to be popular enough, I may create one for naming pets. Enjoy!