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Tis the season for change

/blink blink

Did anyone else notice what was apparently some downtime? I’m not sure when exactly it started because everything was fine last night when I checked it. Anyways, I seemed to have fixed it, looks like the culprit was a plugin that I had recently installed.

On to other news…I have decided I will be transferring Nicora from Hydraxis to Moon Guard soon. The only thing that I’m waiting for is to say Nicora’s final goodbyes to her guildies. I’d like to thank all of commenters who gave me their 2 cents, especially after having to read through that long and rambling post. Nicora’s not going to be lonely on Moon Guard, as that is where Anu is already hanging out. And I will still have Machalor, Aithne, and Khaja on Hydraxis so I will still be around, just not as much. This does give me a reason to speed-level one of the Hydraxis characters, because otherwise I’ll have to listen to Moko bug me even longer about not having a level 70 😛

I did talk the whole thing over with Noko (who in turn will tell Moko about it. When it comes to couples, tell one of them something means that the other will eventually hear it). She was sad to hear that Nicora was leaving but she was really glad that I talked it over with her first and didn’t just leave abruptly. And since we both came to realization that I’ll still be around Hydraxis, it made the whole thing a little easier. Somehow it still feels like I’m moving away from good friends!

Having said my little piece, I’d like to say a warm welcome back to Hawk, who after a rest from WoW has now come back and is planning to have lots of fun. I’ve been watching her blog and even chatting with her a little during her hiatus and I’m just that she’s just enjoying herself, whether it be with WoW or otherwise.

And to finish with some completely random stuff:

My brother’s car “disappeared” last night. What I mean by disappeared is that it either got towed to another street because the city is street cleaning (we checked the streets around our apartment but found nothing), or…someone stoled it. I hope it was just towed and we missed it somehow. Either way, due to it going missing, I had to stay up late last night looking for it and get up earlier than usual this morning because he needed to drive me to school and then drive himself to his exam. Not fun stuff.

And is it hypocritical if I eat beef jerky while playing a tauren? Especially after I berated Mr. Paladin for killing a minotaur in Oblivion?