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Happy 100th-Post Day!

Yes, it is true. This is Petoholics Anonymous’ 100th post. Still young and going strong! 🙂

If 100 posts wasn’t good enough…Niqora has reached level 60! This is the farthest I have ever gotten a character. Having played this game for oh, a year and a half, it may not seem that impressive. Considering my busy schedule and rampant altitis, I’m pretty proud of myself. To make things even better, Niqora met up her friend Bursthoof and he accompanied her for her first time through the Dark Portal. We look so tiny standing before it.

Niqora and Bursthoof standing before the Dark Portal

To some players, the Outland is a place of phat lewt and other goodies. Loot is nice and all…but what I’m looking forward to is exploring a new vast area, doing interesting quests, and of course being able to own my own flying mount.

A whole new world to explore

A whole new world awaits us, Blacky.

Let’s ride out.