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I can not be stopped

Yes, I did it again. This is hunter #9, Tkasha the female troll. She was level 10 when I headed out to grab this screenshot but after killing a couple random mobs, she hit level 11. šŸ™‚ Beside her is her pet, DLish the white crab. Whoever gets the name gets a sugar cookie!

There is more to this story than “I had a sudden altitis attack.” It is true that I had been thinking about another hunter who had a crab as a pet (Yes, I’m copying Mania but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery). It all started with a visit to a certain troll.

Khaja had taken a liking to Wolfrider so I figured it would be nice to pay him a visit. I created a little Khaja look-alike on his server and sure enough, he was online. I’d tell you the details of the conversation but we ended up talking for 5 hours so we covered a lot of topics. Considering we started chatting at midnight, I was a little tired when I finally passed out in bed with the sun coming up outside. But honestly, it was worth it because I really enjoyed talking with him. He subtly asked me if I was going to stick around. I knew I wouldn’t keep the new Khaja because it would just be too strange for me to have 2 characters with the same name. In my eyes, my characters’ names are a crucial part of their personality. But the very next day, I created Tkasha and began leveling her. Wolfrider even joined me for a little while and helped me with some quests. He did make some blood elf newbies angry by wiping out all the harpies south of Orgrimmar. Oops! Meh, they respawn fast anyways.

Later on, he was doing his dailies while Tkasha completed her taming quests. As she was visiting the hunter trainer in Orgrimmar, I casually noticed a level 14 troll wearing a bright yellow cloak. Then Tkasha flew to Undercity to get some cooking recipes and on her way back I noticed the same troll again. Hmm, interesting, he must just be going the same way as me. Once back in Durotar, she headed east of the zeppelin tower to tame Dlish and once that was done, started killing some mobs to see how well the crab works and as just something to do while I’m chatting with Wolfrider. Then…that same troll appears again. I don’t say anything but I purposely move further down the coast, killing mobs. He doesn’t say a word and kills his own mobs but he works his way after me. Okay, this is getting a little weird. He starts talking to me a little, just general observances like how a glitched scorpion is stuck inside a rock. I don’t mind it really but he just keeps following me everywhere. Finally I just mention how weird it is to Wolfrider and he comes riding out to save his little troll lady šŸ˜‰ …Now I have two trolls following me around. After about 15 more minutes of this, the other troll finally wonders off. I guess he got the point. šŸ™‚ BTW, I ended up staying up til 5 am that night too *facepalm*

Tkasha will be sticking around now, especially since I have Wolfrider for the wonderful conversation and to finance me (I’m rich! I’m rich!). And because I can, here’s some screenshots I took of him when he wasn’t looking. He be one fine lookin’ troll šŸ˜‰

Tkasha’s own character page is on the way!