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I’m so unoriginal

Well, I’ve been busy at my brand new work practicum, which basically means that instead of going to school for 4 weeks, I’m working at a local phone company for no pay. Pay would be nice but other than that, everything’s been really great. Everyone’s nice and apparently everything I do is “awesome”. That’s always nice to hear πŸ™‚ It kind of eerie to see stuff that I’ve done being put up on a website that all of Manitoba visits.

Somehow sitting in front of a computer all day seems to take a lot out of me πŸ˜› so I’ve just been going home and watching TV or movies before going to bed. I did spend one night on tech support for my brother’s computer. That in itself was an interesting experience. The guy was really nice but apparently a little forgetful when he asked me what error messages I was getting after I had told him that the problem was the monitor was coming up blank. Can’t really see any error messages when nothing will appear on the screen. Later on in the conversation, he asked me to download the driver from their website. Yeah…still having a blank screen so that may be a little difficult.

So, WoW-wise, Nicora got all her Warsong marks so she never EVER needs to go back there again. Also, I finally transferred her to Moon Guard, where Bursthoof is waiting for her. The problem is that the name Nicora is already taken on Moon Guard so my Nicora was tagged to be renamed. I do love that name but I realized that this is a free opportunity to give her a unique name that really shows her character.

*stares blankly at the renaming dialog box, fingers poised over the keyboard*

Dang it, I can’t just name my lovely tauren anything else. She IS Nicora!

*stares some more*

*slowly types in* N-I-Q-O-R-A

Meh, close enough. The name “Niqora” is completely unique (at least according to the Armory) yet is still close enough to “Nicora” for it to seem not too foreign. So my main character will now be known as Niqora…which I know I’m going to spell wrong at least once before I get used to it.