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Three things that make me happy

Number 1

Knowing that I’m not the only one who understands the relationship between human and animal. All of you who left comments on my post about Blacky have my most sincere thanks. Your responses made me smile and even brought tears to my eyes. I know that my pup can never be replaced but having good friends always makes the hole left behind feel that much smaller. I even plan to adopt another dog from a rescue shelter when I have the money. Years of companionship, happiness, and memories are far outweigh the pain of loss.

And I apologize for making some of you cry.

Number 2

Right after Althoran left his comment about Blacky’s story, he came to visit Niqora in the game. I was so happy to get my first fan visit! He’s a real sweetheart. I’m glad he enjoyed his visit on Moon Guard and I hope he sticks around!

Number 3

I’d like everyone to meet the newest addition to Niqora’s team, Brakk. The name just came to me while Niqora was riding him around Felwood. I just love him and his swift running. One more thing I can cross off my to-do list.

And Niqora is level 61 🙂